Sony’s Multi-monitor Swap Shop to stay open til March 2013

Sony have decided to extend their monitor trade-in offer for another quarter, meaning anyone who’s still using a CRT monitor has until March 2013 to swap it for one of the BVM-F series and save up to a third. 

Obviously it depends how many miles are on your CRT’s clock, but Sony have been pretty generous with this offer so far, and if your CRT monitor is in working order, odds are you’ll get some kind of discount on your BVM-F.

Why would I want a BVM-F series monitor? 

Well, the BVM-F range  represent the entry point into Sony’s industry-leading OLED monitor range. Powered by Sony’s Trimaster EL image processing technology, these monitors offer you a huge colour gamut across their entire luminance range, with deep, detailed blacks, accurate skin tones and far less of the flicker and motion blurring you get with CRT monitors. (Sony’s tech team were kind enough to explain how they managed that here.)

The Trimaster EL range are among the most impressive monitors on the market when it comes to colour critical work, with a 12-bit non-linear cubic colour conversion management system giving picture uniformity, colour consistency and accuracy of reproduction that’s among the best we’ve seen. Heck, they’ve even won an Emmy.

Take a look at the full Sony OLED range on

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