New firmware brings DNxHD encoding to Atomos Ninja-2

Leading us into the weekend on a dizzying high, Atomos have announced an update to the AtomOS (geddit?) operating system that powers their devices. AtomOS 4.01’s headline feature is that it beings support for Avid DNxHD to Ninja-2 recorders at no extra cost, meaning existing Ninja-2 customers can download the update now and spend their entire weekend playing about with the new format.  
“We are really starting to see the benefits of our architecture, which gives us the ability to provide such major feature enhancements to our customers at no extra charge,” said Jeromy Young, Atomos’ CEO and founder. “Avid DNxHD opens up our recorders to Windows users. Support for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere makes Ninja-2 the perfect recorder for Mac and PC.”
Rounding out the list of new features are a HDMI timecode start/stop trigger for the Canon C100 and 1DX, and a new audio offset function that’s designed to improve compatibility with DSLR cameras. Atomos have also re-engineered the “pressure responsiveness” of their touchscreen, making it more responsive, and improved input detection for PCs, Macs and iPads connected through DVI and HDMI.
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