IBC 2012: RED debut REDSync iPad app and showcase Meizler module

They’ve had a fairly low key IBC 2012 so far, but today RED took to the stage to introduce their new iPad app, REDSync, and their Meizler Module, developed by Social Network AC Steven Meizler. They also took time to show off the HP Z820, the new 8-core model that’s designed to work with RED and the Adobe suites.

The Meizler Module

Red Meizler Module

Developed with 3ality Technica, the Meizler Module is an I/O box like no other, designed to minimise the number of cables you need to keep everything hooked up but offer ultimate flexibility at the same time. They may not have covered every connection under the sun, but as Reduser‘s spec list shows, they’ve tried pretty hard:

– Proxy Recording – Record Proxy files to a RED MINI-MAG card and record REDCODE RAW to side SSD simultaneously.

– Wireless Motor Control – Integrated Wireless communication between 3rd party hand controller and Meizler module. Internal wiring to front outputs for clean cable routing.

– Wireless Video – Transmit 720p or 1080p uncompressed video at 5Ghz. Wireless video system has <1ms latency.

– Wireless audio and Timecode via REDsync Master.

– 802.11b Compatible – Receive system control commands from custom iPad/iPhone/iTouch app through REDsync system.

– System power is provided by V-Lock IDX battery plate , (IDX and RED data switch), or RED standard 6 pin power port.

– Smart Hot-Swappable Power supported (battery can be switched when plugged into DC power without shutting camera off).

– CAN Port – Allows for Hardwired communication between the 3ality Technica hand controller and Meizler module.

– RS232/422 Port – Hardwired communication for iPad, iPhone and iTouch apps and 3rd party devices.

– 3D Port – Sync two Meizler modules together to create a 3D lens control system.

– HD-SDI Port – Output HD video.

– REDmote Port – Charges and Communicates with REDmote viadirect hardwire.

– RED Monitor Port – Support Dual RED EVF/LCD operating simultaneously via monitor ports on Meizler and Side SSD. Touchscreen control capability on the RED monitor.

– Gigabit Ethernet Port – Master/Slave the RED cameras.

– 4 unregulated AUX power outputsT

– One Front 3-pin Fischer for Cinetape or other accesories

– Audio Port – Hardwired 2ch balance audio input

– Headphone Jack – Outputs audio signals 3.5mm

– Lens Ports Front – Control 3rd party lens motors for Focus, Iris and Zoom


– STATUS Indicates the Meizler module status state

– 8.02.11 Indicates the wireless connection for Wireless.

– PROXY Indicates the proxy recording status to the MINI-MAG

– THCL Indicates the wireless connection for wireless hand controller

– WTCL Indicates the wireless connection for wireless timecode

– WVL Indicates the wireless connection for wireless video

– FOCUS Indicates the focus motor status

– IRIS Indicates the iris motor status

– ZOOM Indicates the zoom motor status


Wireless Internal Antennas – Interchangeable 6 external antenna module

Switch from internal or external timecode

– Internal timecode – Receive wireless timecode from REDsync Master (optional purchase)

– External timecode – Receive timecode signal from an external source (i.e Lockit, Denecke and etc) via a BNC and genlock is produced internally

Report camera state back to iPad app (optional purchase)

Receive sidebar file metadata from REDsync Master (optional purchase)

Receive GPS via iOS app (optional purchase)


The 6lb module costs $13K and is available to preorder from Monday, with a provisional shipping date of mid-November.


So what’s this mysterious app Reduser keep referring to? It’s REDsync, which lets your iPad act as a giant timecode slate/remote control. It lets you control your Meizler module and camera using and iPad or other iOS device (though from what we’ve seen of the interface, it might start to get difficult to use on anythng much smaller).

You can control on-camera features like ISO, trigger recording of H.264 and DNxHD proxies, perform pre-post tasks like applying grades from REDCINE-X, which is integreated into REDsync, and add notes to favoured takes, although at the moment there’s no function to let you stream a feed from the camera to the iPad as its shot.

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