IBC 2012: Vinten introduce out of the box robotics solution

Maybe it’s the amount of time we spend elbow deep in the latest tech, or maybe we’ve just seen Terminator once too often – either way, nothing gets our attention quite like someone announcing a new robot.


To our slight disappointment, Vintec’s IBC 2012, the CP4, is a controller designed to take charge of four robotic camera heads, not an android butler or a killer cyborg, but we suppose it’s pretty cool anyway.

The CP4: The people’s robot

Designed to meet the needs of people who are put off by the cost and complexity of larger robotics setups – think houses of worship, conference centres and small news studios – the CP4 “is a simple and easy to use product designed specifically for use with small, robotic heads,” according to Vinten.

Their Commercial Manager, Karen Walker, explains: “This entry level robotics solution is set to play a fundamental role in those smaller robotics applications, either in non-studio environments or in remote studios, such as regional news programs. It’s simple to install and straight forward to use so it can be ready and operational in minutes – we’re confident that we’ve created the ultimate out of the box solution.”

How does it work?

The CP4 uses Ethernet network architecture a unique Windows-driven touch interface to control up to four heads. It can be used to store up to 40 pre-set shots, and is allegedly easy to upgrade to the 8-head, 200-shot model, although we’ve yet to try this ourselves. It runs off the same Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE) protocol that powers the latest Vinten pedestal heads, which should give it plenty of accuracy and power, but the idea behind this is that it should be simple for anyone who’s new to robotics to pick up.

“CP4 will provide operators with the most reliable entry-level robotics solution,” says Walker. “It was designed with simplicity in mind while still providing the solid, high quality performance that customers would expect from a Vinten Radamec product.”

No word on pricing yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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