A new addition to the Autodesk portfolio

If you’re designing urban drainage, the snappily titled Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis Extension will have you creating pipes and sewers with great results. Formerly known as StormNET, the software is now available to all Civil 3D and Map 3D users who maintain a current subscription for their software.

Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis Extension is a hydrology and hydraulic analysis application, letting you plan and design urban drainage systems, highway drainage systems, storm sewers and sanitary sewers. Storm is a standalone programme and, to enjoy its benefits, you’ll need a current Map or Civil 3D licence to be installed on the same machine.

This comprehensive bit of software boasts:

– File compatibility with AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D

– Hydrology analysis methods, including NRCS (SCS) TR-55/TR-20, Rational Method, Modified Rational, HEC-1, and EPA SWMM

– Support for networks of unlimited size

– Hydraulic analysis of pipes, open channels, streams, culverts and gutters

– Routing methods such as kinematic wave and hydrodynamic routing

– Breakdown of retention and detention ponds

– Analysis of Stormwater best management practices (BMPs)

– Stormwater quality modelling based on NPDES requirements

– Customisable report generation for regulatory review

– GIS compatibility

– Ability to work in either US or metric (SI) units

Scenario Modelling

Inverted siphons and tidal boundary conditions can be modelled – there are various models  for this included with the software’s sample projects.

Hydrodynamic routing makes it possible to model interconnected detention ponds with backwater effects and other complex situations.

Curb and gutter storm drain inlets can be modelled, and you can also plan for pump stations and wastewater force mains, simple and complex outlet structures (including multiport riser structures) and pressurised storage vaults.

Autodesk are giving this software away as a subscription benefit and, considering that competing software solutions can cost thousands, it’s well worth a closer look.

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