Extensive AutoCAD support in Navisworks

Navisworks’s extensive support of previous versions of AutoCAD is a welcome feature that makes the transition to BIM far easier for everybody. Navisworks supports a diverse range of authoring applications and laser scan formats thanks to a combination of file exporters and file readers and this list continues to grow as users strive to collaborate with an increasingly diverse supply chain.

Exporters can be installed as part of the Navisworks product, or as a separate standalone installer and allow you to export a Navisworks Cache file (NWC) directly from your AutoCAD-based app. One of the benefits of using the exporter is that you can then distribute a more compressed, un-editable version of the model, and you know the receiver will view the model as intended (i.e. it removes the issue with Object Enablers that the Beyond Design blog explains very effectively here).

File Readers
Navisworks includes RealDWG, which effectively means that it can open DWG files as though you’re in AutoCAD, thereby ensuring file fidelity. Object Enablers can also be installed and configured for Navisworks, meaning that it can support custom objects and properties from Civil 3D or other third party AutoCAD-based apps.

Previous Versions
While many companies would be happy with support for three previous versions, Autodesk have gone the extra mile with Navisworks 2012. It supports:

– Nine versions of DWG, AutoCAD 2004-2012,

– Nine versions of the 32-bit Exporter, 2004-2012,

– Five versions of the 64-bit Exporter, 2008-2012

As a heads up, Autodesk plan on dropping AutoCAD versions 2004-06 (inclusive) as of the next release. If you’re using these versions, now would be a good time to consider an upgrade.

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