Steinberg Cubase reaches 7th heaven

Steinberg have released the magnificient seventh edition of their Cubase music production software to a chorus of trumpets, synths and a whole host of other virtual instruments. It’s certainly one of the most popular DAWs out there, but is Cubase 7 the most feature-packed version yet? Let’s take a look…

What’s new in Cubase 7?

Perhaps the most salient points to pick out in the new Steinberg Cubase 7 music production software are an all-new mixer, on-board monitoring and better collaboration features. To start, themixer – which supposedly sounds better than ever – also has customisable views to speed up mixing by keeping your most important controls on show. There’s also a new channel strip with EQ and dynamics.

Cubase 7 also has its own built-in EBU 128 loudness monitoring, which is a first for any DAW. In an industry increasingly governed by acceptable loudness standards, having monitoring tools right there in your DAW without having to fork out for expensive hardware or plug-ins is a real boon – especially for smaller broadcast studios.

Other useful features to pick out include the ability to collaborate with people in other studios in realtime via VST Connect SE. In terms of music-making, the new VariAudio system and Chord track interact to let you create perfect harmonies easily, and there’s simple drag and drop plug-in support, which makes adding effects and instruments a breeze.

When and where can I get Cubase 7?

Steinberg’s elves have been working away to get this out in time for Christmas, and you’ll be able to get your copy or upgrade in the first week of December. You can pre-order Cubase 7 from Jigsaw24 now. If you’ve only just bought Cubase 6.5, don’t worry, Steinberg are offering a free upgrade grace period to v7 for anyone who’s purchased after October 26th (just sign in to your e-Licenser account after the first week of December, and v7 will be waiting for you).

– Pre-order your copy of Steinberg Cubase 7 music production software now!

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