BIM fans rejoice, Revit LT is here

BIM is the biggest thing in construction right now, and with the UK Government Building Information Modelling (BIM) Strategy under way, the industry has to respond. But a major sector might feel disenfranchised with BIM, since the entry level BIM tools such as Autodesk’s Revit haven’t traditionally been that affordable for smaller firms. This may be about to change with the release of Autodesk Revit LT.

We’re all familiar with AutoCAD LT and its relationship with AutoCAD. Essentially, Revit LT is to Revit what AutoCAD LT is to AutoCAD – a fully compatible entry level application, with some features removed. Many practices, especially smaller ones, will view this release with great interest, as the price point is very attractive. £1500 for a suite that includes both AutoCAD LT and Revit LT is a real bargain, and if that gets practices more involved with BIM, then we’re all on to a winner.

Major step forward for BIM

High-end Revit users have previously commented about what’s missing from Revit LT and how this precludes it from being a valid BIM tool – it doesn’t enable collaboration, there’s no multi-user file access, conceptual modelling, links to analysis software or in-place editing. But at entry level, I think it’s a valid and usable tool that presents a major step forward into Building Information Modelling for sole traders and smaller organisations.

Larger companies will feel that an investment in Revit LT implementing training and developing content is far more attractive at £1100 than Revit at £5000. And I believe that innovative users out there will find new workflows to get around missing features.
It’s a shame Revit LT doesn’t feature conceptual modelling tools, but it does do a lot more than I expected – most users working in SketchUp can carry on using it, as Revit lets you import SketchUp data. Without IFC or gbXML export, you can’t link to other software though (e.g. energy analysis of share files with other Revit users). An LT RVT file is identical to the Revit RVT file, still letting you coordinate information in Navisworks and, if the Revit LT uptake is large enough, it won’t be too long before we start seeing analysis software vendors develop a link to RVT.

Ideal for smaller projects

I can see Revit LT being ideal for small projects with a single architect on each, and it can be used with a view to produce plans, sections, elevations and schedules from the model. Users get the benefit of importing content from the National BIM library, and are able to make their own components too.

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