IBC 2012: Canon EOS C100 teams up with Atomos Ninja-2

As IBC 2012 draws to a close we couldn’t resist a quick nod to one of our favourite combos from the show: the Canon EOS C100 and the Atomos Ninja-2.

“We have been co-developing with Canon to implement stop/start control over HDMI and we’re delighted with the results,” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “The C100 is around 85% the size of the C300 so it makes a very compact combination for independent moviemaking, museums, galleries, wedding, corporate and any type of filmmaking.”

“This is going to be great for C100 shooters, because the C100 has the C300’s same core technology and 8.3 megapixel Super 35mm image sensor, which we know produces stunning images,” says video consultant James Graham, for once more enthusiastic than the actual press release. “You are never going to do that sensor justice at 24Mbps, but with the Ninja-2 you can turn that into pristine 10-bit uncompressed footage and really get the most out of this incredible sensor.

“Having start-stop control over HDMI means that once you attach the Ninja to your C100 rig, you don’t have to worry about it. You even have 24Mbps proxies recorded inside the C100. And with the latest Ninja-2 featuring SmartMonitor it can become your monitoring solution as well, with peaking, zebra, false color and blue only functionality. I think these two together could have just become the ideal solution for most Super 35mm situations.”

We’re so enthusiastic about this pairing that we’re giving you the chance to snap up a Canon C100 and a half price Ninja-2 when the C100 ships in November.

Canon EOS C100

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