Avid launch ISIS storage trade-in offer

If you’re still using one of Avid’s old Unity ISIS units or even a LANshare, it’s time to move on. If you need a gentle push to move away from your aging system, Avid are now offering £264 off your ISIS setup for every Unity or LANshare seat you trade in for an up-to-date ISIS one. (This is on top of the standard hardware trade in discount of £3600 you get when you trade in Unity or LANshare hardware for ISIS gear, so that’s £9100 off in total!).

Avid ISIS 5000

What are the rules?

You buy a 16TB or 32TB ISIS 5000 system, with or without expansion engines, before December 14th, 2012. You can then claim £264 back from Avid for up to 25 Unity or LANshare seats, which gives you a maximum saving of £6600 – almost a quarter of the price of a 16TB ISIS setup.

Why would you want to move to ISIS 5000?

Well, it’s a massively scalable shared storage solution, with capacities ranging from 16TB to 192TB and 90 editing seat licences included with your initial purchase, so scaling upward as your business grows won’t be a problem. However, the real benefit is in the speed and flexibility of this system versus its predecessors.

Features like FlexDrive, which allows you to add workspaces and change the amount of space assigned to each on the fly, mean that managing your assets and ensuring priority jobs are always given the resources they need is now far easier. And the ISIS file system has been designed from the ground up to help you deliver realtime QoS to multiple workspaces and support simultaneous access to media, which anyone who’s managing a busy facility will appreciate.

If you’ve got artists using a range of different platforms to edit, you’ll be pleased to hear that ISIS 5000 can integrate with the editing and asset management systems in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Not got anything to trade? You can still save a bundle…

Avid are also offering a discount on anyone who buys a 16TB or 32TB ISIS alongside one of their ‘Get Creative’ bundles. You can choose from either five Mojo DX or five Nitris DS I/O, monitoring and acceleration solutions, and pair them with either five new Media Composer licences or five upgrades from the version you’re currently on to Media Composer 6.5. Avid will then tot it all up and give you £5400 off the lot. Ace.

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