NewTek TriCaster 8000 now shipping!

NewTek have announced that their TriCaster 8000 has officially shipped and is on its way to our warehouse now. If you’ve pre-ordered already, it’s time to start warming up your control surface and practising your keying technique; if you haven’t ordered yet, you can claim a TriCaster 8000 for yourself here.

TriCaster 8000

NewTek reckon the TriCaster 8000 is prefect for “production and media publishing professionals who deliver live video for large, complex events.” Designed with one eye on the social web, it’s the first TriCaster model to marry the ability to create multicam HD feeds for projection, broadcast and streaming with the facility to post clips on stills on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr are all supported).

“Without a doubt, this is the ultimate in live production, broadcast or live performance,” says our consultant Anthony Corcoran. “it’s got all the features TriCasters are renowned for, but only the 8000 is scalable, networkable, and is plugged into social media. NewTek have broken the mould, designing a motion tracking system that can key to moving objects, and using tracked hotspots the talent can even operate the Tricaster with a gesture.”

TriCaster 8000 workflow map

The specs

“As the producer’s or operator’s hands-on toolset for executing a live production, TriCaster 8000 is a publishing hub for all media coming into a program, all content and branding that happens on screen, and all destinations to where the program is output, with an operator piloting the entire show from a hardware control surface that comes standard with every system,” TriCaster inform us. some of the tools to keep you going include:

1. A 24-channel switcher

2. 8 fully re-entrant M/E rows

3. 8 channels of ISO recording at full 1080p

4. Recordable macros that can be triggered simultaneously

5. Output to up to 14 displays

6. Virtual sets and upstream graphics support so that you can add branded images and titles to content in realtime

7. Support for third-party routers for greater scalability

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