Boost your workflow with Presonus FaderPort 8

Presonus’s 8-fader control surface for all leading DAWs boasts precise, tactile control over mix and automation functions. It also supports Mackie HUI and control protocols – ideal for Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and Studio One users.  

FaderPort 8 packs 57 buttons with 78 different functions, streamlining your audio workflow and making your keyboard and mouse a whole lot more effective than before. On top of controlling track levels at the touch of a finger, users can quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, adjust click-track tempo with a simple tap, manage aux mixes and modify plug-in parameters.

Offering up one-button access to key utilities, FaderPort 8’s Session Navigator feature provides flexibility and easy access to eight essential functions. The control surface has dedicated buttons that let users control mutes and Solo Clear, view tracks, buses and VCAs, and instantly prepare tracks for recording. It also features four configurable buttons that allow users to personalise their workflow even further.

FaderPort 8 supercharges Studio One, making work an absolute breeze. And support for the Mackie Control and HUI protocol make it the perfect partner for any DAW. All you need to do is connect it to a USB port – no driver installation needed.

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