Get free DigiLink I/O licences with Red 4Pre and 8Pre

Focusrite are offering up free DigiLink I/O licences with new purchases of Red 4Pre and 8Pre interfaces, making it nice and easy for customers who would usually have to purchase them separately from Avid’s web store.

With the highly compatible Red 8Pre having just dropped, Focusrite decided to treat users looking to combine their audio interfaces with Avid Pro Tools to a special, limited time promotion.

For every Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre interface you buy and register, you’ll have a Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O licence waiting in your iLok account free of charge – you’ll have four weeks to access it.

Customers looking to bag the free licence can follow these six simple steps:

1. Register your Red 4Pre or 8Pre interface.

2. Click the link to the Avid website.

3. Sign into your Avid Master Account or create one.

4. Select your iLok account or create one.

5. Sign into your iLok account.

6. Deposit your Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O licence.

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