IBC 2012: Atomos announce Ronin and Ronin Duo

Combining their love for Japanese history and (we assume) Robert DeNiro, Jigsaw24 favourites Atomos have unveiled the Ronin and Ronin Duo at IBC 2012. These portable HD-SDI recorder/player/monitors are apparently “a smart solution for both fixed-facility and on-location production,” which you have to admit sounds pretty neat.

The Ronin

Ronin is based on the same AtomOS operating system as Atomos’ other products, and takes its lead from the award-winning Samurai recorder, featuring the same easy to use touchscreen controls, flexible AC/DC power supply and ability to capture, monitor and edit Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.

The new additions include balanced XLR inputs and outputs, and a front channel headphone jack with monitoring selection; SDI, LANC and Atomos Active Seal record triggering; rack and rack mount compatibility, plus feet for improved tilt control. There’s no HDMI connectivity, but you can always add an Atomos Connect H2S and/or S2H converter if you need that functionality.

The Ronin Duo

It may sound like the title of an ill-thought out sequel, but the Ronin Duo is actually two Ronins mounted “elegantly” in a 19″ rack adaptor, giving you dual HDD/SSD recording and dual 5″ monitors for playback.

Pre-orders for both are expected to start before the end of 2012, with US pricing standing at $2195 for a single Ronin and $3995 for a Ronin Duo.

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