HP Z820 gets super fast RED edition

Any video companies working with RED cameras have been given a reason to let out a big ‘whoop’ – HP have teamed up with RED to bring out a custom, turbo-powered version of their powerful Z820 workstation.

Depending on how much you want to spend (read: lots), the RED Z820 is able to take up to half a terabyte of RAM as well as 16 CPU cores, up to 2.93GHz processor and is RAID-expandable. With its speedy 10,000rpm SAS boot drive and SSD upgrade options, it will also launch apps even faster. And just in case you forget which of your towers is the RED edition, they’ve updated the LED light on the front to a fetching crimson colour.

Video consultant James Graham reckons the souped-up version of the HP Z820 workstation will be great for DITs using the RED file format. “RED has always been a notoriously complex file format to work with,” he said, “and because you’re editing hours and hours’ worth of footage, you need a workstation that’s up to the job. With up to 16 CPU cores and the liquid cooling technology, the RED edition Z820 will be more than able to stand up to those intensive workflows.”

The full specs include: “HP Z820 (16) 3.21GHz Cores, Liquid Cooled, 32GB 1600MHz Quad Channel Memory, Nvidia Quadro 5000 GPU, RED ROCKET, (1) Internal BluRay/REDMAG Reader, 300GB, 2.5″ 10K SAS 6Gb Boot Drive.”

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