IBC 2012: AJA Part 2 – Corvid Ultra and Corvid 24 multi-format I/O

After keeping us on tenterhooks since NAB 2011, AJA have finally revealed the results of project Riker: Corvid Ultra. This new multi-format I/O solution supports 2K and 4K workflows and scaling.

AJA Corvid Ultra

What is it?

The latest addition to AJA’s Corvid OEM family, adding support for the processing and scaling of complex, multi-format 4K/2K and HD/Dual-link/SD workflows. It supports projects with frame rates of up to 48p or 60p (they’re the first to do this at 4K!), can handle 4K and S3D projects, includes onboard debayering and features two expandable card bays.

How does it work?

Well, physically it connects to your workstation via an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 interface card, which tethers to the 2RU Corvid Ultra chassis via a 3-meter high-speed PCIe cable. Scaling is taken care of by the built-in TruScale engine, which allowed up and down scaling of any raster “from tiny web video to 4K” according to AJA. key things to bear in mind about TruScale are that it’s realtime and keyframable, and enables realtime pan-and-scan of 4K to HD.

If you need to scale multiple streams of 4K, you can add another TruScale card into one of those spare drive bays for maximum performance.

What are AJA saying about it?

Quoth their press team: “With the rising demand in 4K filmmaking, several of our OEM partners have approached us asking about a solution to handle the incredible bandwidth required,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “The combination of Corvid Ultra’s TruScale arbitrary hardware scaler, support for high-framerate 2K and 4K, and the capability to process RAW camera data in real time has generated a lot of excitement from our OEM partners. We’re thrilled to see all of the new workflows the Corvid Ultra is enabling.”

What are the key specs?

1. Realtime 4:2:2 and 4:4:4

2. SD, HD, 2K, 4K I/O support

3. 3G-SDI I/O – including 48p and 60p support (4:2:2 output)

4. HDMI 1.4 output up to 4K, or up to 2K stereoscopic

5. AJA TruScale realtime scaling option

6. 1D and 3D LUT support

7. Hardware-based debayering support

8. Half-Float frame buffer support

9. Two expansion slots for additional I/O or TruScale processing options

 I can’t cope with an Ultra. What model should I go for?

Well, the Corvid 24 is basically a beefed up Corvid 22, so that might be more your thing. It supports up to four independent channels of video and embedded audio capture or output on a single PCIe card, with bypass relays and “watchdog” timers. All four connections can also be used to support full 4K I/O for maximum flexibility.

What will this all cost?

The Corvid 24 is available now at a US price of  $1895 (UK pricing to follow). The Corvid Ultra comeswith a frustratingly vague “coming soon” tag, but the US price will be around $7995 (this’ll include the PCIe card and cable). Additional TruScale cards will also be appearing at some nebulous future date, and set you back around $3495.

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