NAB 2012: AJA announce Ki Pro Quad and Rack models, plus all-new T-Tap

AJA are gearing up for a big year at NAB 2012, with news of the Ki Pro Rack and Quad models, and a new Thunderbolt I/O box, T-Tap.  However, their first update of the show is version four of the Ki Pro firmware, which provides support for multiple format versions in DNxHD recording on the Ki Pro mini, bringing it in line with its bigger brother, the Ki Pro. Out tomorrow, the software will be available free from AJA’s site. If, on the other hand, you want something a bit beefier, take a look at the below….

Ki Pro Rack

Topping user request lists since the release of the Ki Pro, this Ki Pro Rack packs two PSUs, two drive bays and eight channels of AES EBU audio into 1U of rack space. It supports standard SSD and HDD Ki Pro drive models, and is going to be at home in any machine room or OB van.  As with the other Ki Pros, the unit can operate stand alone, but could also be controlled over RS422 and ethernet.

It’s due to ship from within a month, with the US price a reported $3995. For those not sure which Ki Pro they need, take a look at this helpful chart from AJA:

KiPro Comparison Table

Ki Pro Quad

Ki Pro Quad


Up next is a totally new product: the Ki Pro Quad. This devices has the same form factor as the Ki Pro mini but is about twice the width, and according to our man on the ground, Lewis Brown, “the features packed in to this unit are almost beyond belief.”

Highlights include 4k ProRes recording with built-in hardware debayering, support for up to  four simultaneous streams of HD into ProRes or DNxHD (thats 4 x 3G), and HD-SDI in and out with the usual timecode and control. “But what is really mind blowing is the Thunderbolt connection,” says Lewis. “It’s not only for high speed reading of the data on the drives, but also for live, on the fly pass-through of Canon RAW data to a Thunderbolt -quipped laptop, creating raw DPX files via new AJA software.  This provides amazing on-set capabilities and highlights what looks like a very strong working relationship between Canon and AJA.”

To provide the required bandwidth, the unit uses AJA SSD. AJA have also created an optional SSD reader equipped with eSata and Thunderbolt connections, as well as an optional desktop stand, meaning a 4k workflow is now possible from your desktop!

Clocking it at just $3995 and due to ship some time in 2012 (we’re guessing around IBC).  There are no details on what is included with the unit but eh SSDs, SSD reader and stand are all listed as extras.




According to Lewis, “this is a device that needs little explanation, but it is absolutely just want many people have needed.” The T-tap is a palm-sized Thunderbolt-in, HD-SDI-or-HDMI-out box, which is bus powered via the Thunderbolt port.

Set to ship soon, this unit provides simple I/O at an amazingly low price of $249. Pre-order yours now.

(In other Thunderbolt news, all AJA I/O drivers are now Thunderbolt-aware, so all their cards can now be put into an external chassis and still work. Lovely.)

Up/Down/Cross converter

…is finally due to ship, giving you FS2-quality conversion in a tiny form factor. Rejoice! You can pre-order your Up/Down/Cross mini converter from our site now.

Adobe and AJA

With the arrival of CS6 seemingly imminent, AJA have announced that their hardware will be fully compatible with Adobe’s new Mercury Transmit SDK architecture. From AJA’s explanation:

“With CS6, users no longer have to work with custom sequence presets that align with their particular hardware. Instead, sequences can be set to the resolution and media type being used. You can, for example, use the Adobe RED sequence settings if you are cutting RED footage or the Adobe ARRI settings if you are cutting ARRI footage. This dramatically simplifies sequence configuration.” AJA have promised compatibility with a range of programs, including staples like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Encore.

In other compatibility news, the Thunderbolt Io XT will now support Smoke for Mac, so you can use a single driver for all applications. Ace.

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