Avid release EuControl – Workstation 3.4 and Pro Tools | Control v1.0.6

With the imminent shipment of the Avid Pro Tools | Dock, this release provides major feature set improvements for the Pro Tools | Control app for iPad, and compatibility for the long awaited Dock within the EuControl software.

The addition of a ‘Channel’ page adds focus on the selected track’s instantiated plugins. Dedicated pages for Dynamics and EQ grant easy access to corresponding parameters.


With a dedicated Pan tab too, we are given access to touch screen panning, from stereo to 7.1 surround.


That’s along with Tabs for Sends, Group assignments and Input. Those familiar with the Avid S6 MTM will recognise the similarities introduced to the Pro Tools | Control app.

The ‘Soft Keys’ page provides a much larger display for the assigned key sets, allowing the user to access more keys on one page, similar to the Artist Control hardware.


Combined with the Avid Pro Tools | Dock, the Pro Tools | Control app provides an extremely powerful EUCON control surface, similar in functionality and workflow to the flagship Avid S6 Master unit.

Further information: What’s New for Pro Tools | Control

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Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan

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