Streamlining design efficiency with Adobe CC Libraries: A Pfeiffer report

They might not be able to agree on the ultimate typeface, but if there’s one thing our design team are unanimous on it’s their love of Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, making access to key tools, colours, fonts and more between apps infinitely easier. Now, to show just how much they impact on efficiency and productivity, Pfeiffer Consulting have produced a report commissioned by Adobe that gives benchmark results based on real world workflows.

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries: The Productivity Impact of Shared Assets and Settings‘ compares the results of using Adobe CC Libraries to “typical workflow situations that rely on shared template documents stored on a server, or on the use of corporate style guides”, as well as “how small, repetitive productivity gains can add up over time, particularly in a workgroup situation that relies on frequently shared and updated elements”.

Key findings

– Creative Cloud Libraries allow highly efficient sharing and updating of settings, styles and assets among different applications and computers, as well as team members.

– Benchmarks conducted for this project show significant productivity gains resulting from the use of CC Libraries: the average of six workflow benchmarks showed close to 10x productivity gains for the benchmarked operations (see chart below.)

– Cumulative, small productivity gains in repetitive operations add up significantly and could save workgroups hours in the course of a week.

– Sharing and one update of colour settings, one set of graphics, and one image asset, took almost twenty minutes to complete using common workflow methods – and just over three minutes with CC Libraries.

Real world workflows

Applying colour setting from shared template document: with Adobe CC Libraries (16sec); without Adobe CC Libraries (2min 33sec).

Applying type setting from corporate style guide: with Adobe CC Libraries (28sec); without Adobe CC Libraries (3min 59sec).

Finding and placing corporate asset: with Adobe CC Libraries (14sec); without Adobe CC Libraries (2min 35sec).

Licensing high-res image and replacing in composition: with Adobe CC Libraries (3min 13sec); without Adobe CC Libraries (19min 56sec).

– Check out the findings in full by downloading the Pfeiffer report on Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries here.

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