Boosting design efficiency with Adobe Stock: A Pfeiffer report

If you’re still unsure about how beneficial Adobe Stock, Adobe’s new stock image service, could be to your design workflow, Pfeiffer have just published a very interesting report on the matter. ‘Adobe Stock: Boosting Design Efficiency Through Integration’ looks at how integration with Adobe Creative Cloud significantly increases productivity for creative workflows working with stock images.

The findings

The main findings of Pfeiffer Consulting’s market-specific benchmarking project they conducted on behalf of Adobe included:

– Adobe Stock provides tight integration with Creative Cloud applications that resulted, on average, in 10x efficiency gains over working with common stock image services in the benchmarks conducted for this research.

– Adobe Stock allows images to be licensed directly from Creative Cloud applications. All occurrences of the placement image are replaced, and non-destructive adjustments in Photoshop are automatically applied.

– Productivity gains measured in these benchmarks are very significant. Efficiency improvements linked to using Adobe Stock are particularly important in complex workflow situations where images are included in complex Photoshop compositions or used in multiple documents and resolutions.

Real world workflows

They came to these conclusions by looking at three real-world workflow examples, designed and executed by professionals with many years of experience with the programs and workflows involved. As you can see from these cases, using Adobe Stock integrated into Creative Cloud took only a fraction of the time it took to use another web-based stock service.

Workflow 1: Simple replacement of licensed image. Time necessary to license high resolution image and replace in composition: with Adobe Stock (16 seconds); without Adobe Stock (2min 52sec).

Workflow 2: Replacement of licensed image, including colour adjustment. Time necessary to license high resolution image, apply colour grading and replace in composition: with Adobe Stock (28 seconds); without Adobe Stock (4min 47sec).

Workflow 3: Stock images as Smart Objects in Photoshop. Time necessary to update placement image used as Smart Object in Photoshop and replace with licensed file: with Adobe Stock (28 seconds); without Adobe Stock (2min 31sec).

– Check out the findings in full by downloading the Pfeiffer Report on Adobe Stock here.

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