What are NDI Transit and Telestrator?

NewTek’s NDI IP protocol was one of the big talking points at this year’s NAB, and two of the key apps they released to work within it were NDI Transit and NDI Telestrator. Which begs the question, what are they? 

NDI Telestrator


Well, this one’s fairly self-explanatory. Telestrator apps allow you to annotate and add graphics to any video clip or still image, and they’ve long been a staple of the post-match analysis circuit, corporate communications and training.

NewTek’s version is touchscreen-friendly and IP-ready, giving you the ability to add standard graphics to an image, plus the ability to draw freehand over the top of your video stills. NDI Telestrator includes configurable paint and shape tools, colour and highlight options, and other standard visual elements, so you can either use it to add annotations or throw in sponsors’ logos to unlock new revenue opportunities.

NewTek Transit

NewTek NDI Transmit is production software that makes NDI sources from anywhere on the network available for use with compatible 3rd party software applications that support a webcam input, NewTek tell us. This will allow you to get a professional level video feed from inexpensive consumer solutions such as Skype, Google Hangouts and common conferencing software like WebEX and GoToMeeting.

According to NewTek, “organisations and enterprises don’t have to compromise on quality or flexibility with their video communications — with NewTek NDI Transmit, they can conduct professional-grade video communications with the consumer-grade and business-grade applications they use everyday. NewTek NDI Transmit is production software that allows you to replace low-quality webcam video with broadcast-quality NDI video signals by making any video source on the network available for selection as the webcam input for compatible third party software applications and streaming encoders.”

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