NAB 2012 news: PROMISE Pegasus, J4 JBOD and VTrak JX30 chassis on show

Pegasus J4 JBODPROMISE are a bit of a Thunderbolt favourite, and have been offering excellent storage options pretty much since the interface was announced. At NAB 2012, they’re showing off their Pegasus J4 and J2 JBODs and VTrak Jx30 Expansion Chassis.

Although they were announced earlier in the year, this has been the first chance most people have had to see them live, and feedback so far has been positive – not surprising when you take a look at the specs.

The VTrak J930s series

“The new PROMISE VTrak Jx30s is an ultra-dense 6Gbps SAS 4U/60-bay expansion chassis that enables data hungry applications to scale to petabytes without having to sacrifice valuable server rack real estate,” PROMISE’s NAB press release reminds us. The new chassis can be connected to SAS enabled servers, or connected into VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystems. Its architecture is flexible enough to connect to 6G and 3G hard drives and SSDs, and you can add a redundant active-active interface module if need be (we don’t have any pricing or info for this module, though).

As PROMISE explain, “The VTrak Jx30 series allows storage applications to access their data at blistering speeds using multi-lane 6G SAS architectures. The 6G SAS connectivity paves the way for large multi-land bandwidth to support the flood of unstructured data now flowing across networks today. Fully backward compatible with 3G SAS/SATA devices, users have the ability to deploy 3G and 6G SAS/SATA hard drives and solid state devices (SSD) in the Jx30 series.”

Anyone looking to lower their carbon footprint (or take a chunk out of their power bill) will be happy to hear that they include hot-swappable power and cooling units that PROMISE say operate at up to 90% power efficiency.

The Pegasus J4 JBOD

Despite its small form factor, the J4 JBOD packs in four bays, and supports SSd and HDD. Like all Thunderbolt devices, it offers two channels with a 10Gbps data rate, but also gives you I/O rates of over 500MBps – great numbers for a portable device.

The Pegasus J2 JBOD

Being sold as the smallest Thunderbolt-enabled external drive out there, the J2 JBOD is powered by 6G mSATA flash and can deliver over 700 MBps throughput – even when supporting volume encryption.

Both JBOD models are supposedly noiseless – to not-hear them in action, drop by booth SL5327 at NAB.

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