Mac cutting into PC business share, says JAMF Software survey

JAMF Software have just published their second annual global survey of IT pros, with stats showing how Mac, iPhone and iPad are seeing adoption in business rapidly increase, as well as highlighting how Apple has set itself apart from other platforms.

One of the most interesting things to come out of JAMF Software’s survey is the prediction of 67% of respondents that “Mac will cut into PC share over the next three years”. We’ve picked out just a few key findings below, but you can download the full report from JAMF Software here.

–  Adoption growth. Mac, iPad, and iPhone usage grew within organisations in 2015, by 68% for Mac, 46% for iPhone and 36% for iPad.

– Mac in enterprise. The Apple ecosystem has become commonplace alongside PCs in the enterprise, with 96% of companies supporting Mac, 92% PC, 28% Chromebook, 19% Linux, and 9% other.

– iPad in enterprise. iPad is becoming the dominant tablet in business, with 81% of companies supporting iPad, 46% Windows tablets and 35% Android tablets.

– iPhone in enterprise. Thanks to its intuitive design and user experience, iPhone is also leading the way in mobile phone in enterprise, with 84% of companies supporting iPhone, 64% Android and 35% Windows.

To find out the reasons IT pros gave for supporting both OS X and iOS (including user preference, productivity, security and more), download JAMF Software’s 2015 Survey: Managing Apple Devices in the Enterprise here.

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