New Avid firmware adjusts cooling fan speed of ISIS | 1000 engine

When Avid first released the ISIS | 1000, the cooling fans ran faster than necessary to cool the system, resulting in elevated noise levels. But they’ve now released new firmware (v4.1.7b) that adjusts the cooling fan speed of the ISIS | 1000 engine and greatly reduces noise levels.

This firmware update is for all ISIS | 1000 users running the current ISIS v5.0 software, but it is optional. If your ISIS | 1000 is kept in a server room or in a place where ambient noise is not a concern, you don’t need to install this update. There are no other changes in this firmware bundle, and no other ISIS software needs to be changed with this firmware update.

Avid ISIS | 1000

Applying the update

Avid recommend you should schedule installation of this firmware update during a maintenance window. Instructions on how to do it below, or check out all the information on the firmware update in Avid Support’s literature here.

“1. Log in to your Avid Master Account.

2. Go to My Products and Subscriptions.

3. Click Show next to Product Details and Download Links.

4. Download the firmware file, named AvidISISSetup_Firmware_r4.1.7b.bin, to a computer that is connected to or can be moved to the network with the ISIS | 1000.

5. Connect the computer to the same network as the ISIS system.

6. Open the Management Console and click Engines. If you have multiple Engines in the shared storage system, you can update the System Director Engine before or after you update the other Engines. Each Engine will reboot to complete the update. The System Director Engine must be running for the Management Console to work.

7. Open the Agent page:

– Select an Engine and click Details
– Double-click the Host Name entry in the Storage Controllers panel

8. In the Agent, click Install under the Configuration heading:

9. Click Choose File and navigate to the location where you downloaded the AvidISISSetup_Firmware_r4.1.7b.bin file. Select the file and click Open.

10. In the Agent page, click Submit. When prompted for confirmation, click OK. The firmware installer (the bin file) installs the update. When the update is installed, the installer restarts the system.

11. If your system includes additional ISIS | 1000 Engines, repeat this procedure for each Engine.”

After installing and verifying the firmware, the cooling fan speed will be reduced to normal limits and the noise will be greatly reduced.

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