New firmware ends Canon C300 Mark II’s slow mo issues

We’re huge fans of the C300 Mark II, so when it turned out to have a nasty glitch that made it skip frames when you shot in slow motion, we were a sorry lot. However, Canon have now worked their way back into our good books with some bug-fixing firmware. 


The new firmware, available from the Canon site here, addresses an issue that resulted in frames being skipped or dropped when recording 4K at 24.00P and 23.98P, or 2K/HD at 29.97P, 25.00P, 24.00P, and 23.98P.

Canon’s official release notes warn us that we cannot perform this firmware update using CFast 2.0 cards, and will instead need to avail ourselves of a commercially available SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card that is 64MB or more for the firmware update. You’ll also want to back up your custom menu and features settings to a separate card before beginning, as these will be reset during the upgrade.

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