All hail JVC’s affordable 4K camcorders

As the market for entry level 4K heats up, JVC’s GY range have managed to bag the lowest price point for an actual UHD 4K handycam shooter. The GY-LS300, GY-HM170E and GY-HM200E are all solid choice for events and corporate videography, and deliver a surprising amount of camera for your cash…

GY-HM200 offers you the best WiFi functionality

This new range of JVC cameras have the most refined WiFi/streaming capabilities around. GY-LS300 and GY-HM200 are two of the few cameras that (with correct accessories and setup) will let you stream a live picture straight from the camera to the web.

JVC were the first to add WiFi and 3G/4G capabilities to their prosumer cameras and, although many manufacturers are now doing it, most of them only use it for control, monitoring and proxy uploads rather than live streaming.

If this sounds like something that could sway you, let us also mention that there’s currently a cracking special offer on the GY-HM200 which means you can save £130 if you buy now.

The saga of the GY-HM170 handle

The GY-HM170 was originally designed to be a very stripped down, run and gun camera, and as such shipped as a body only. However, the camera’s XLRs were embedded in the handle, which was sold separately, meaning you had to fork out extra for audio connections. However, JVC now ship the handle for free, so you can save yourself a pretty penny there.

Get yourself a GY-HM170 here.

Get yourself an Atomos assist

If you’ve been considering the GY-LS300 but are worried about the compression applied to the 4K footage, allow us to recommend the Atomos Shogun, which we’re currently selling along with an LS300 and lens for the princely sum of £4130. This will let you bypass the camera’s internal compression system and record in the Shogun’s crisp 4:2:2 to HD ProRes, Avid DNx or Cinema DNG. Problem solved.

And just remember, things can only get better

If you’re worried about the longevity of your kit, it’s worth remembering that JVC have a track record of supporting their cameras in the field by unleashing new features as firmware updates rather than launching a series of suspiciously similar new models. These are relatively new cameras at the start of their working lives, and there’s no reason to think that JVC are going to abandon them in the near future.

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