NewTek expand lineup with new TriCaster Mini HD-SDI

A little over a year after releasing the original TriCaster Mini, NewTek are at it again with a brand new HD-SDI model. TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI gives users a choice between professional SDI I/O and the HDMI version of TriCaster Mini, meaning professionals have even more scope to transform presentations into engaging multimedia content that looks like network-style TV. 

“The SDI version of TriCaster Mini is a direct response to feedback we’ve received from SDI camera owners who like the form factor and small size coupled with its comprehensive capabilities,” said Dr Andrew Cross, president and CTO of NewTek.

“We’re pleased to offer customers a choice of models to support either their SDI or HDMI equipment depending on preference. Not only professionals, people in every industry are seeking to deliver their messages like seasoned television professionals in order to engage their audiences. No other system in the world makes it as easy for them to create sophisticated broadcast content, webcasts, and presentations and stream them live, publish to social media or upload to a website from the office, an event, or any location with an internet connection.”

Why TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI?

Just as with the original TriCaster Mini, the new SDI version features a whole host of features and creative tools for producing multi-camera content from anywhere. It lets you:

– Mix different visual sources.

– Overlay logos, presentations, charts, titles, media files and animations.

– Import your own branding elements and have them appear in transitions and animations.

– Incorporate a slideshow and web pages from another computer.

– Replace solid backgrounds with a simulated environment.

– Webcast programmes on a live video stream.

– Post clips to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and your own website.

– Have guest speakers call in from their webcams.

– Record the programme so people can watch it on demand.

– Record all camera footage simultaneously so you can edit the programme.

– Make keyboard shortcuts for sophisticated sequences with one touch.

Where can I get it?

NewTek’s TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI is available to pre-order now from Jigsaw24, with stock arriving soon. Just click on the banner to scope out specs and put an order in.



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