IBC 2015: News from NewTek on TriCaster Mini

If you’re a keen Tricaster fan, IBC will have been music to your ears, as NewTek announced a new Tricaster Mini HD-4 SDI and advanced IP Workflow.

NewTek announce Advanced IP Workflow
NewTek announce Advanced IP Workflow at IBC 2015, a new visionary live production approach enabled by the release of the new protocol for IP production workflow, NDI, and an update to TriCaster Advanced Edition. Both will be available later on this year. NewTek Advanced IP Workflow will allow production switchers to communicate with other systems and devices connected on a network, assign any of their cameras or video signals as inputs, and deliver multi-channel, high quality, frame-accurate video encoded in realtime, all over standard Ethernet networks.

This will be made possible for TriCaster customers in the Q4 update to TriCaster Advanced Edition, which includes NDI-ready capabilities that make exponential video sources available over the LAN. TriCaster Advanced Edition is available for any current pro-line TriCaster model and TriCaster Mini, and will give those TriCasters new Advanced IP Workflow capabilities, including additional inputs for cameras or any supported video source on a LAN. Users can configure all their inputs for IP-based sources if they choose, or mix IP sources with direct hardware and baseband connections.

Central to this announcement, NewTek have also introduced their own open IP protocol as standard, known as Network Device Interface (NDI). This will allow any enabled device on a standard gigabit Ethernet LAN to be recognised as a video source or destination by other systems and devices as part of an IP production workflow.

When installed, NDI will work automatically on compatible NewTek products and devices from top industry manufacturers already working with NewTek IP workflows. It is expected that at its release, NDI will be the widest adopted standard on the market, extending to over 100,000 compatible systems already deployed worldwide. A free software development kit (SDK) will be available for download so anyone will be able to share media to and from their production devices over Ethernet.

New Features in TriCaster Advanced Edition: Advanced IP workflow:

Video Over IP: Send and receive realtime, low-latency, frame-accurate video over IP on a standard network infrastructure via the Network Device Interface (NDI) protocol, with any NDI-enabled device on the same LAN available as a video source or destination.

IP Source Selection: Access the inputs and outputs of NDI-enabled devices on the same network from any external input on the TriCaster switcher dramatically increasing the amount of available video sources for any production.

IP Outputs: Distribute more video from your TriCaster system, supplying your choice of output signals, sub-mixes or individual sources to NDI-enabled devices with four fully configurable, IP video outputs.


Switcher Inputs: Access more live sources with the number of external inputs on the switcher increasing from six to eight for TriCaster 460, 410 and Mini and from 10 to 12 for TriCaster 8000 and 860. (Four new IP inputs in TriCaster Advanced Edition take the place of two standard TriCaster network inputs.)

External Input Configuration: Freely configure the external inputs on the TriCaster switcher for any combination of connected cameras, hardware video sources, or IP video sources, and automatically work with any partner’s NDI video sources.

More about NewTek Advanced IP Workflow: 

Unlike expensive, dual-10Gbps Ethernet networks typical of emerging IP workflows that merely take the place of SDI cables and connections, a standard GigE LAN infrastructure can accommodate NewTek’s efficient, multi-source live IP video switching. Not only does this drastically reduce initial network infrastructure investment, NewTek Advanced IP Workflow can also:

– Minimise network component costs.

– Eliminate the logistical and physical limitations of SDI cables by making a source in one location usable in a production elsewhere.

– Eliminate concerns about the limited number of physical inputs on a switcher when an additional live video source is needed, just find a network connection on the LAN to plug it into.

– Raise the ceiling for video source proliferation.

– Demolish constraints caused by distance, walls and miles of coax cable.


The new version of TCAE with NewTek Advanced IP Workflow will be free to current TCAE customers.

TriCaster Mini Line Expands With New HD-SDI Model:

NewTek today launched TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi — the world’s most complete and compact multimedia studio, now featuring HD-SDI hardware. The new model provides customers a choice between professional SDI I/O and the highly popular, ultra-portable HDMI version of TriCaster Mini allowing even more users to transform their ordinary presentations into engaging multimedia content that looks like network-style TV.

The Mini’s unmatched size, simplicity and feature set make it easy to carry in one hand, set up, create and share a complete program in a matter of minutes. Now broadcasters and video professionals adding the TriCaster Mini to their toolboxes can produce uncompromising multi-camera content from anywhere using SDI cameras, and take advantage of its portability and ease of use without adding adapters to convert to HDMI. They can create video coverage in more locations, with longer cable runs than possible with HDMI, and with the security of professional-standard BNC connections that lock in place.

“The SDI version of TriCaster Mini is a direct response to feedback we’ve received from SDI camera owners who like the form factor and small size coupled with its comprehensive capabilities,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO of NewTek. “We’re pleased to offer customers a choice of models to support either their SDI or HDMI equipment depending on preference. Not only professionals, people in every industry are seeking to deliver their messages like seasoned television professionals in order to engage their audiences. No other system in the world makes it as easy for them to create sophisticated broadcast content, webcasts, and presentations and stream them live, publish to social media or upload to a website from the office, an event, or any location with an Internet connection.”

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