IBC 2015: AJA update FS3, openGear products and mini converters

AJA had plenty to say at IBC 2015, here is our roundup of their key highlights including new updates to the FS3, new openGear products, updates to mini converters and more…

Product updates


The new FS3 combines AJA’s industry-proven frame synchronisation with high-quality 4K up-conversion technology to seamlessly integrate SD and HD signals into 4K workflows. AJA’s adaptive scaling algorithms, paired with our well-known conversion technology ensures your up-converted images will have the maximum quality possible. Input SD or HD resolution SDI via BNC or Fiber and send up-converted 4K/UHD to multiple BNC and Fiber outputs simultaneously. The FS3 can also operate as an SD or HD frame synchroniser.

FS3 also includes the industry-proven features included in AJA frame synchronisers such as RGB colour correction, region of interest scaling, extensive audio controls and routing, web UI control, GPI triggers and more.

The FS1, FS1-X and FS2 are at the heart of hundreds of broadcast facilities, post houses and mobile trucks. FS3 joins this powerful team with an easy way to integrate SD and HD signals into 4K workflows, creating a bridge to 4K and UHD.

Products in the AJA FS family are often referred to as the ‘swiss army knife’ of professional video workflow tools for their unprecedented levels of support, and the FS3 is no exception. The FS3 can up-convert almost any input HD or SD format to 4K/UHD up to and including 60p. 4K/UHD outputs can be 4x 3Gb SDI (level A or B), 2x 3Gb SDI (level B) or 4x 1.5Gb SDI. Inputs or outputs can be Fiber with optional SFPs.

FS3 will be available in October at a price of $2,995 US MSRP (UK pricing TBC).


openGear is an open-architecture, modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by a diverse range of terminal equipment manufacturers, which ,now includes AJA. The demand for openGear-compatible cards has been growing, and we are now able to offer several new solutions for using AJA I/O hardware in openGear environments.

openGear Frame

The AJA OG-3-FR is a 2RU, 20-slot openGear frame that can support any AJA openGear- compatible card. Key features include:

openGear Products

– Easy-access front panel.
– Built-in cooling.
– Modular rear panel.
– Ethernet connectivity (with supported openGear cards).
– Redundant power supply option.

openGear Cards

OG-1×9-SDI-DA: The OG-1×9-SDI-DA is a state-of-the-art, openGear-compatible, 3G-SDI distribution amplifier. The incoming SD, HD or 3G signal is re-clocked and distributed to each of the 9 3G-SDI outputs, allowing the same signal to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously.

OG-FIBER-2R: The OG-FIBER-2R is a state-of-the-art, openGear-compatible, two-channel Fiber to 3G-SDI converter, enabling SDI signals to be extended up to 10km over standard single-mode fiber optic cable. The two fiber inputs are completely independent allowing different SDI rates to be carried on each channel.

OG-FIBER-2T: The OG-FIBER-2T is a state-of-the-art, openGear-compatible, two-channel 3G-SDI to Fiber converter, enabling SDI signals to be extended up to 10km over standard single-mode fiber optic cable. The two SDI inputs are completely independent allowing different SDI rates to be carried on each channel.

Mini-converter updates

AJA builds the toolkit of products that knit the video world together. This year at IBC we continue to expand that toolkit with several new Mini-Converters as well as new options for our existing products.


The HB-T-SDI and HB-R-SDI offer an easy solution for extending 3G-SDI signals over CAT5 (or better) cable, utilising the industry standard HDBaseT protocol. Bi-directional IR and RS-232 for device control is also supported, making these Mini-Converters ideal in a variety of scenarios including fixed installation AV, digital signage, live events, post production, network, studio environments and on set. These new SDI-based converters can be ‘mixed and matched’ with AJA’s already introduced HDMI-based HDBaseT Mini-Converters, allowing customised video I/O on either end of the CAT5 connection without the need for additional converters. HB-T-SDI and HB-R-SDI are supported by AJA Mini-Config software, for easy configuration and control from any Mac or Windows computer.

New ROI Products

The ROI-HDMI Mini-Converter offers realtime region-of-interest scaling and SDI video output from HDMI computer signals. With extensive audio functionality, incredible image scaling as well as aspect and frame rate conversion, ROI-HDMI fulfills the growing need to properly incorporate computer signals into the video world without sacrificing budget or space. The free Mini-Config Mac or Windows application lets you interactively select a region-of-interest on- screen from the incoming HDMI signal and control how that region is scaled to the output resolution using AJA’s high quality scaling algorithms for the cleanest picture quality possible. ROI- HDMI joins the growing family of AJA ROI converters, which also offer DVI and DisplayPort connections.

With the introductions of ROI-HDMI and ROI-DP, AJA are renaming the original ROI to ROI-DVI to be more consistent with the other ROI products. ROI-DVI maintains all functionality and pricing. The latest price lists have been updated to reflect this name change.

Mini-Config Update

An update to the Mini-Config software, v2.13, has been released. This new version updates functionality for several Mini-Converters.

The HA5-4K, Hi5-4K and 4K2HD gain support for two-
sample interleave 4K signals, in addition to the existing
support of 4K quadrants. Two-sample interleaving divides
the 4K image on a pixel-by-pixel basis, rather than
dividing the entire image into four quadrants. This has the
advantage of carrying a representation of the entire frame
at a lower HD resolution, which can be viewed on
standard HD monitors. Two-sample interleaving is
becoming the preferred method for carrying 4K over SDI because it makes HD monitoring of the 4K signal significantly easier.

Hi5-4K gains additional functionality with the new Mini-Config release – support for HDMI 2.0. This update allows Hi5-4K to process 4K signals at up to 60fps in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4.

The Mini-Config software is free and can be downloaded from the AJA Support page for any USB- enabled AJA Mini-Converter.

Mini-Connect Tech Preview

Visitors to the AJA booth at IBC will get a glimpse of an upcoming product, Mini- Connect, which makes remote control of AJA Mini-Converters even more flexible. Attach up to four USB-enabled AJA Mini-Converters to Mini-Connect and then connect to your Ethernet network and control those Mini-Converters remotely from any web browser on the network. This allows remote control of the Mini- Converters at distances that would be impractical with a USB connection. Mini- Connect is a tech preview at IBC and will release later this year.

Desktop software v12.3

AJA have released version 12.3 drivers and software for the the following AJA products: KONA 4, KONA 3G, KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus, Io 4K, Io XT, Io Express, and T-TAP.

The v12.3 software adds a host of new features including a range of options for closed captioning support for KONA 4 and Io 4K, new output support for Telestream Wirecast, and Linux retail drivers for use with applications such as Shotgun Software’s RV and The Foundry’s NUKE.

This release also includes the new AJA System Test 2.0, a cross-platform application for Mac or Windows, with a completely redesigned user interface. System Test is used to measure disk performance and PCIe performance and with this version also adds a new system report creation tool. New features include:

– Closed Captioning Improvements—KONA 4 and Io 4K now support closed captioning in Adobe Premiere Pro and AJA Control Room.

– Closed Captioning Capture—Add captions to a track in the Quicktime file; DPX capture creates .scc and .mcc file. Closed captioning playback is also supported.

– Output Support for Telestream Wirecast—Monitor output with Wirecast generated graphics overlays, including support for AJA T-TAPTM.

– New Linux Retail Driver—Supports Shotgun Software’s RV and The Foundry’s NUKE.

– SMPTE 425 controls for KONA 4 and Io 4K in AJA Control Panel.

– Audio Delay Slider—An audio delay slider is now part of AJA Control Panel supporting KONA 4 and Io 4K. Delay audio on input or output up to six frames, in 1/10 frame increments.

– Follow Input mode—Automatically changes the framebuffer to match the video input

– Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan support.

System Test 2.0

System Test is a cross-platform application for Mac or Windows, used to measure your system’s disk and PCIe performance.

System Test 2.0 builds on AJA’s previous System Test software, which was well- established in the industry for providing accurate test results, and adds a completely redesigned user interface for a more graphical representation of system performance as well as easy-to-use controls and settings. Test results can be shown as MB/s or FPS, depending on your preference, and a new reporting tool generates detailed test reports, allowing individual tests to be archived and compared.

Corvid HEVC

Corvid HEVC is a PCIe 2.0 8-lane video encoder card providing real time, low-latency HEVC encoding at 4K, 1080p HD and lower resolutions. Development partners can use AJA’s powerful SDK to integrate Corvid HEVC directly into their Windows and Linux applications using a flexible API for a variety of use cases such as:

– 4K/UHD encoding.

– Multi-channel HD/SD encoding.

– File-to-File encoding.

Corvid HEVC supports audio and metadata along with the video encoding, simplifying the amount of work needed to get a final encoded result.

CION update

CIONTM is the 4K/UHD and 2K/HD production camera that unites production and post by shooting directly to edit-ready Apple ProRes 4444 at up to 4K 30fps, ProRes 422 at up to 4K 60fps, or output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120fps.

New CION v1.2.1 firmware

A new firmware for CION has been released at IBC offering the following improvements and updates:

– Resolved an issue where, under certain conditions, the Gamma selection was not being properly restored when going from RECORD to PLAYBACK then back to RECORD.

– Resolved a field alignment issue when operating in 1080p-60 3G-B.

– Resolved an issue with the Video Signal Generator being affected by the saturation setting.

– Other fixes to enhance encoding stability.

– Following the price reduction for CION, demand has been consistent and CION remains an important part of the AJA Video portfolio of products and offers powerful integration options across both the editorial and converter product ranges. Like any other AJA Video product, work continues to enhance and refine the feature set of CION.

New CION image reel

The CION IBC 2015 HD Showreel features a diverse array of shooting styles that CION is capable of. The masters delivered were 2K/HD 444, derived from 4K/UHD shoots and represent content from both CION owners and the #TryCION program. The version uploaded to Vimeo is a HD ProRes 444 master.

#TryCION update

-NAB 2015 saw the launch of #TryCION, a completely new and unique program to offer 100 cameras to potential North American customers to actively use CION in a real world environment so as to best inform a purchasing decision. This program, which has never been attempted by any other camera manufacturer on this scale, has been an overwhelming success with a far greater number of loans achieved than first anticipated. In addition the program has been rolled out into Europe and Japan with great success as well. A very well attended #TryCION World Tour to promote the program as well as engage with end users took place over a 6 week period in North America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, China and Japan. The #TryCION program will close in North America on September 22nd having been extended due to high demand.

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