Canon launch the CJ1ex4 4K zoom lens

Canon announce the launch of the CJ12 ex4.3B, a new 2/3″ portable 4K zoom lens with the world’s widest focal length, at 4.3mm. The CJ12ex4.3B is designed for professionals shooting interviews or live broadcasting of sport and news. 

Canon are also developing a new compact 2/3″ 4K all-purpose zoom lens to further boost 4K broadcast lens range for cameras employing a 2/3″ sensor. The new lens will be optimised for both indoor and outdoor shooting across a variety of applications, including sports events, live broadcast, as well as television dramas and commercials.

CJ12 ex4.3B: Key features

– 4K resolution 2/3″ portable wide angle lens with 12x zoom.

– Exceptional 4.3mm focal length at the wide end extends to 52mm (104mm using the built in 2x extender).

– Stunning optical performance right to the edge of the image when paired with a 2/3” 4K compatible camera.

– Combines 4K quality with lightweight design and compact size comparable to HD lenses for comfortable on-shoulder shooting.

– Sustained 4K performance even when using the built-in 2x converter.

– Proven, high-quality 16-bit encoder captures precise information on zoom, focus and iris, and allows support for aberration correction immediately on startup.

– Three 20-pin connectors make for effortless use with existing Canon HD lens accessories and virtual systems.

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