Now available! Multi-year subscriptions for Media Composer

Avid have just announced the availability of multi-year Subscriptions for Media Composer. Now you can purchase a 2 or 3 year subscription and receive a discount off the normal annual price!

How do they work?

Multi-year subscriptions work just like an annual subscription, but with the added benefit of an automatic renewal in the second and third years – all for a lower price than standard annual subscription renewals.

Activation for multi-year subscription, as well as what’s included (applications, support and special bundling offers), is the same as current annual subscriptions. After the full term of the subscription is complete, you can choose to renew either annually or with another multi-year subscription.

Don’t have a subscription? Why not?

An Avid subscription allows you to get access to the latest Media Composer tools in the most cost effective ways, whilst expanding your capabilities with additional Avid and third-party-software included. You’ll never be left behind, with instant access to every software update and upgrade as soon as they’re available. You will also be able to scale client count up or down as the project demands and budget dictates. Any additional purchases you make can now be easily managed through your ‘My Avid’ account.

As well as this, you’ll receive professional help and advice wherever you are, whenever you need it, with Avid Support. The support feature includes billing and admin cases, software updates and upgrades, troubleshooting via the web, email and phone, and an array of self help; video libraries, knowledge bases and forums.

Where can I get them?

Avid’s multi-year subscription packages are available now from our website.


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