Parallels Desktop 11 has launched for Mac

Parallels, the software program that enables users to run Windows on their Mac is getting another upgrade. However this year, along with bringing Windows 10 support and other enhanced features to your Mac, Parallels has for the first time introduced a Windows feature of its own: Parallels 11 has the ability to put Microsoft Cortana right on your OS X desktop.


All-new features and support

Parallels desktop mode has made running Windows and other operating systems their Mac possible for years. The new version however, boasts all-round better software and new features, including…

New! It can launch and shut down Windows around 50 percent faster than the last version.

New! ‘Travel mode’ allows for a quarter better battery life than previous versions. You can set travel mode to automatically turn on at a certain battery percentage threshold or just set manually.

New! 20 percent faster file operations.

New! Parallel 11 supports Windows 10 and is ready for OS X El Capitan.

New! Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortona on your OS X desktop. Cortana works seamlessly, even on Mac, allowing you to summon Microsoft’s virtual assistant by simply saying ‘Hey Cortana’.

How can I upgrade?

Upgrading to Parallels 11 from versions 9 or 10 will only cost you only £34.99. If you are a new user of Parallels, it will cost you £64.99. And, if you want to get more out of your Windows virtual machine, there’s a special pro edition which integrates with Docker, Visual Studio and other developer tools. This Pro version will cost you £69.99 new or £34.99 for an upgrade. You can buy the latest version of Parallels for your Mac over on our website here.


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