Upgrade to the Newtek TriCaster 8000 and save £6000!

Anyone interested in getting their hands on NewTek’s most advanced and exciting media and broadcasting system will not want to miss this opportunity. For a limited time only, they’re offering you the chance to upgrade to TriCaster 8000 for the price of TriCaster 860, saving you at least £6000! Though you’ll need to hurry – this offer ends 30th September, 2015.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and TriCaster 8000 will go back to retailing at £25,499 ex VAT on 30th September, so the chance to upgrade now for £19,499 would be silly to miss. Who doesn’t want to save £6000?! 

What is TriCaster 8000?

The 8000 is a total, integrated production switcher, capable of recording eight channels into different codecs and, like all TriCasters, you can do this while simultaneously streaming to the web, hardware-keying into virtual TV studios, integrating into social media and outputting to local screens/signage. It boasts 24 channels, eight cameras, eight screen feeds, 1080p across the board, and an output of up to 14 channels simultaneously.

It’s perfect for any organisations – broadcast, corporate or education – who want to enhance their production capability, with multichannel recording, streaming, social media and sophisticated effects, at an incredible price point.

TriCaster 8000

Why should you upgrade to TriCaster 8000?

The 8000 supersedes the 860 by enabling you to create a complex effect, with numerous layers, effects and animations, then pipe that effect into another effects bus, were you can use the original setup to build upon and do it all again – very much like pre-comping in Adobe After Effects. It has eight of these re-entrant buses, meaning you can do this eight times, all while running live.

It’s also unique in offering real-time motion tracking, external router support (boosting the amount of your hardware inputs), along with fail-safe options, including system mirroring. A few of the other benefits NewTek tout include:

Turnkey Production. The 8000 uses a single system to broadcast, project, stream and record simultaneously. The system’s multiple turnkey functions replace the need for heaps and heaps of equipment.

Enterprise Integration. TriCaster 8000 supports a wide range of media formats and connectivity types. Router control also allows for more input capacity. It easily incorporates legacy hardware, and offers the potential for external control of almost anything in the switcher with API support.

Improved Scalability. The huge 24-channel Tricaster 8000 allows users to scale up and down to accommodate a variety of programs. Multi-camera production through external video routers also allow for a huge coverage.

Router Support. TriCaster’s expanded router support incorporates GNVP protocol, greatly increasing facility integration and effectively removing limits on the number of video sources users wish to bring into a program.

Mix-and-Match I/O. The 8000 has the connectivity to prepare for any location scenario. It allows users to connect up to eight cameras and mix and match connection types (including SDI, component, composite and Y/C).

24-channel Multi-Camera Production. Eight cameras in any HD and SD configuration, colour correction, keying, cropping, scaling, and frame sync on every input. Two digital media players for video clips, three slots for graphics, titles and sounds, and two network channels for sharing computer screens and displays from wireless iOS devices.

8-channel Multi-Format ISO Source Recording. TriCaster’s multi-track video recording technology (IsoCorder) captures incoming sources into the system, allowing you to save all your live footage and lots of video capture equipment.

TriCaster 8000 on Jigsaw24

You can buy your TriCaster 8000 on our website by clicking here. Alternatively, give our sales team a call and we will sort everything out for you! But remember, this offer ends 30th September.

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