Zoom F8: Finally, an affordable pro field recorder with timecode

Enthusiasm for Zoom’s first foray into field recording has been building to a fever pitch since it was unveiled at NAB, and now the Zoom F8 is finally on our shelves. Here’s a quick reminder of why you should get your order in…

Zoom F8 field recorder

For a mere £665 ex VAT, the Zoom F8 8 track field recorder offers you:

– Eight mic preamps with phantom power.

–  24-bit / 192kHz recording – timecoded Broadcast Wave.

– The ability to record eight separate tracks and a stereo mix (ten tracks in total).

– Built-in mixer.

– Built in timecode – input and output on BNC.

– Dual SD card slots for redundancy when recording.

– Full remote control via iOS app over Bluetooth.

– Dedicated socket which accepts Zoom’s own plug in mic modules (same ones as the H5/H6).

More or less the only thing you have to provide yourself is a set of eight AA batteries to power the thing, and even then you can opt for an extra external battery pack that offers automatic failover when power runs low.

At £665 + VAT, the F8 is £2000 cheaper than a Sound Devices which doesn’t offer timecode as standard and has no remote option. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in rave reviews and a great deal of demand, so we’re advising people to get their orders in early. You can do so by clicking the tasteful, subtle banner below.

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