Adobe move into stock image arena with new Adobe Stock

When Adobe announced their new Creative Cloud 2015 updates, one thing really caught the attention of the marketing team – Adobe Stock, Adobe’s new stock image service, which promises to offer up more than 45 million royalty-free assets.

While similar to the widely used Getty iStock and Shutterstock, Adobe Stock is going to be a better prospect for creatives, as it hooks directly into Creative Cloud Libraries. Rather than having to download each individual image to your machine to import into Photoshop, Illustrator, or whatever, you can simply pick out your images on Adobe Stock and they’ll then show up in the library window within the app. Using the new CreativeSync technology, you can edit the image in low-res before buying, then as soon as you purchase the full version, your edits will all be automatically applied – something that’ll help smooth your design workflow and save time.

You might be wondering, ‘where did Adobe get 45 million images from overnight?’. Earlier this year, they acquired the existing stock photo service Fotolia, bringing content including photos, illustrations and vector graphics. Adobe say video will be heading to Stock soon too.

The key points

– World-class content (access to 45 million assets).

– Direct integration into CC desktop apps (add images to libraries, access them from desktop and mobile and even share them with your team).

– In-app purchase (start with watermarked images, then buy high-res versions inside app).

– Accelerated workflows, faster time to market, increased productivity.

– Easy to manage via Admin Console; licences can be re-assigned.

[UPDATE, 29/07/15] New Feature! Pooled Images for Creative Cloud for teams

As Creative Cloud for teams users ourselves, we’re super excited about this new feature. With pooled images, if any member in your team purchases an Adobe Stock licence, all the images that the user then buys will automatically be shared with your creative team. After all, sharing is caring.

Wondering how pooled images works? So, once your administrator has purchased Adobe Stock and assigned it to Dave or Sheila (or anyone on your team), from now on, all the images that Dave or Sheila downloads will be available to you and the rest of your team. You will also see the available number of images on the Adobe Stock website.

Already purchased Adobe Stock? No problem. Your images will automatically be pooled across to your team – no need to lift a finger.

Adobe Stock price plans

Another way that Adobe Stock differs from other stock image services is that Adobe are aiming this at creatives who regularly need stock images. Because any images that have been paid for but unused roll over for an entire year for the ten images per month plan, subscribing makes good financial sense if you do need regular access to assets. Your options from Jigsaw24 are:

– Ten images per month for anyone with a current Creative Cloud subscription – £240 ex VAT for a year.

– 750 images per month for anyone with a current Creative Cloud subscription – £1440 ex VAT for a year.

– Creative Cloud for teams Complete 2015 bundled with Adobe Stock, ten images per month – From £698 ex VAT for a year.


Adobe Stock FAQs

What file types are available? Adobe Stock images are available in JPEG, AI, EPS and SVG file formats.

What resolutions are stock images available in? All Adobe Stock content is provided at its highest available resolution. While this resolution depends on the camera used to originally capture the image, most of the content can accommodate high-quality printed output up to 300dpi. Vector files can be printed in all formats without any loss in quality.

Can I try out stock images before buying them? Yes. You can try out Adobe Stock content by downloading the low-res, watermarked version. No payment is required until you decide to license the image.

Where can I use Adobe Stock photos, illustrations and graphics? Adobe Stock photos, illustrations and vector files can be used in any creative project, including print ads, brochures, presentations, posters, book covers, commercials, websites and annual reports. For complete image licensing terms, visit

Can I edit the images I buy? Yes. You are welcome to edit the image in any way you deem necessary. Note, however, that your modifications must not violate or infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, nor place the author or the model in a bad light or depict them in any way that might be deemed offensive.

Does Adobe Stock offer extended licences allowing licensees to sell derivative products or services based on an image? At the moment, Adobe Stock offers only standard licences, which allow the licensee to use the images for illustration purposes only.

Can I buy an image for a client, or do they need to create their own account? You can purchase an image on behalf of a client. However, please note that if you want to use the same image for different clients, the image must be licensed separately for each client’s use.

Can my team pool our Adobe Stock licences? Certainly! See above for more information about pooled images.

In which Creative Cloud applications can I use Adobe Stock? Adobe Stock content can be used in any Creative Cloud desktop or mobile application in which a user can place a photo, illustration or graphic. Images can also be saved directly into Creative Cloud Libraries for instant access across apps. The Creative Cloud Libraries feature is currently supported in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator Line, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Comp.

Can I share a licensed image in a Creative Cloud Library? You can share the licensed asset with employees or subcontractors, provided that they follow all of the license restrictions. (For example: If you work for an ad agency and license the image on behalf of a client, you may share that image with a colleague who’s working on another project for the same client. If you transfer the asset or a derivative work to a client, then you must purchase a second license if you intend to use it for the benefit of a different client.)

How do I use Adobe Stock with CC apps that don’t support Creative Cloud Libraries? Adobe Stock images can be downloaded directly from the website to your computer and opened in your desktop app.

What happens if I don’t use all my monthly licences in a given month? With a small subscription plan, which includes 10 images a month, unused downloads carry over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The total carryover limit is 120 downloads. With large subscriptions, which include 750 downloads per month, unused downloads do not roll over.

Can a Creative Cloud for teams administrator see how many Adobe Stock images have been used per delegate? No. The administrator cannot see Adobe Stock usage in the Admin Console.

Can Adobe Stock subscriptions be reassigned in the same way that a Creative Cloud for teams license can be reassigned? Yes. The administrator would follow the same process in the Admin Console.


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