Atomos spotlight all-in-one 4k and HD monitor/recorders for the world’s leading cameras at Cine Gear 2015

For those who couldn’t make it to California for this year’s Cine Gear Expo, our buddies at Atomos were doing what they do best and spotlighting all-in-one 4K and HD monitor/recorders for the world’s leading cameras.

Atomos Shogun updates

At Cine Gear 2015, Atomos were demonstrating a host of feature updates for the award winning Shogun, including Pre-roll Record and Time Lapse along with Anamorphic de-squeeze and RAW to ProRes/DNxHR/CDNG for Arri, AJA, Sony, Canon (eg the new Canon XC-10) and expanded Custom Meta Data Tagging, all designed to help users speed up their workflow.

Their press releases tells us: “Pre-roll Record is sure to be a huge deal for documentary, sports and wildlife cinematographers. Even with Shogun not in recording mode, Pre-roll Record continually buffers content internally, allowing the user to record the previous eight seconds of HD recording or two seconds of 4K the moment you hit the record button.”

Another headline feature was Time Lapse, which “lends itself to creative angles on everyday scenes and has traditionally been limited to photography.” Atomos’s more video-centric take allows you to set the duration of recording according to the number of frames you want or the length of time you want to capture.

According to the release, “The interval can be altered depending on the director’s intent and even multi-stage recording is possible, altering the time and duration throughout the period of the shoot. Essentially, Atomos have made time lapse keyframeable and flexible in the video arena.”

The list of updates includes: 

– Pre-roll Record. Atomos goes back in time to ensure missed takes are a thing of the past.
– Anamorphic de-squeeze. This includes compatibility for older lenses and the new GH4 upgrade.
– RAW to ProRes/DNxHR/CDNG for Arri, AJA, Sony and Canon. Supported cameras include the new Canon XC-10 and C300MKII.
– Expanded Custom Meta Data Tagging. Because you’re going to need to speed up your workflow now you have all that extra footage.

Power Station Photo and Power Station Video

Cine Gear visitors were also able to get hands on with two versions of the upcoming Power Station: Power Station Photo Photo and Power Station Video. Atomos tell us that “at its core, Power Station consists of two batteries mounted side by side that operate together using a continuous circular power system. When one battery gets low it can be removed and charged while the system switches across to the second battery uninterrupted. Power Station also doubles as a super-fast charger for your batteries at up to three times the rate of conventional chargers.”

Bare Bones units and bundles

Atomos have teamed up with leading camera manufacturers to show integration with a variety of different workflows and with new ‘Bare Bones’ versions of all Atomos recorders, adding high end recording.

Atomos explain: “The current Shogun model includes not only the main Shogun unit but also over $500 of accessories to get users started right away. Customers and channel alike have requested a unit only with AC adaptor in order to utilise accessories they already own from older products.

“Our goal is to make an additional Shogun unit more affordable. In an effort to meet this request and drive 4K adoption even faster, Atomos have announced a ‘Bare Bones’ version of the Shogun that removes all accessories except the bare essentials (SSD media case and AC power supply), shipping within a high quality soft carry case for protection for an MSRP of $1695.

“In the same spirit we have decided to extend the Bare Bones range to the entire monitor/recorder range. Our HD 4.3″ Ninja 2 Bare Bones will be $395 and the higher resolution 5″ Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade models will be $795.”

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