Save £1500 on TriCaster 860 upgrades until 26th June!

TriCaster users! NewTek are giving you over £1500 off the cost of upgrading to TriCaster 860 until 26th June 2015, allowing you to upgrade your TriCaster 455 or 855 for just £695. 

We’re not sure what’s sparked this sudden rush of generosity – maybe someone filled out a spreadsheet while they were drunk at NAB – but we’re 100% sure it’s a fantastic deal, as you’re paying less than a third of the usual upgrade price.

Why choose the TriCaster 860?

Well, frankly, it’s a beast. Upgrading to the 860 gives you 24 switcher channels (10 external, six internal and eight M/E buses), the ability to handle eight simultaneous live video inputs of different frame rates and resolutions (including up to eight robotic camera inputs), integrated TransWarp effects and Animation Store Creator for custom animations, holographic virtual set support, 14 output connections, social media publishing and HD live streaming with simultaneous archiving.

The key things that you won’t get elsewhere include:

– Social media functionality.
– Animation buffers.
– TransWarp effects.
– Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera control.
– External router control.
– Hotspots for triggering Macros.
– MIDI support.
– Hardware and software failsafe (not particularly sexy, but always good to have).

If you’re on the fence, you can take a look at the full fact sheet here.

What’s the catch?

Well, it’s a limited time offer, so it’s snap decision time – you can drop us a line if you want one of our consultants to help you work out what’s best for you. Also, if you’ve previously upgraded your TriCaster model and aren’t using TriCaster 855 or 455 hardware, you may not be able to upgrade your hardware again and still access the full functionality of the TriCaster 860.

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