NAB 2015: Sony go ‘Beyond Definition’ with new solutions showcase

Las Vegas, 12 April 2015 – At NAB 2015, Sony is expanding its theme of Beyond Definition, showcasing its latest developments in 4K, including new technologies that address professionals’ needs for diverse 4K content creation and production applications. Sony will also demonstrate present numerous practical solutions that illustrate the emerging era of 4K broadcasting.

“4K was initially used for movie production and digital cinema projection and, it is now advancing into TV shows, documentary films, sports, live concerts, and more,” said Olivier Bovis, Head of Sales, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “Many countries are successfully conducting trial 4K broadcasts and 4K transmission tests, and 4K in the home is expanding exponentially.”

At NAB, Sony will introduce its newest 4K/HD camera systems and IP-network-based transfer technologies, pointing the way to the practical broadcasting of “killer” 4K content such as live sports and events.

Sony is also showcasing its full range of professional 4K cameras, from the F65, F55 and F5, to the PXW-FS7, NEX-FS700, PXW-Z100 4K camcorders, and newly added 4K option for PXW-X70 as well as variety of consumer 4K cameras. Sony’s 4K professional line-up also includes 4K-ready production switchers, 4K/HD servers and the new PMW-PZ1 4K memory player and BVM-X300, 4K OLED master monitor.

4K Live Production Solutions

HDC-4300: World’s First 4K System Camera with Three Authentic 4K Image Sensors

The new HDC-4300 system camera uses the world’s first 2/3”-type three authentic 4K image sensor. This camera accepts direct attachment of B4-mount HD lenses, and supports the use of large, high-magnification lenses.

The HDC-4300 shoots with wider color gamut, thanks to a new 4K image sensor and prism that is ITU-R BT.2020 ready, the next generation broadcast standard. The HDC-4300 also fully adapts to current live production environments as it is capable of output in both ITU-R BT.709 — the existing broadcast standard.

With the SZC-4002 optional software package, the HDC-4300 is capable of high frame rate shooting of up to 8x in HD. The HDC-4300 will provide thrills to audiences by delivering the true excitement of live sports and concerts. By connecting the BPU-4000 baseband processor unit and the HDCU-2000 or 2500 camera control unit, the HDC-4300 can be built as 4K live production system that moves a giant step forward into the 4K broadcasting.

IP Live Production Systems

Sony is demonstrating how a live production switcher incorporating Sony’s new Networked Media Interface (still under development) can serve as the core of IP Live Production System, IP-based 4K/HD transmission system—constructed in cooperation with supporting manufacturers—capable of delivering low-latency IP transmissions of video signals from cameras such as the HDC-4300. While today’s 4K transmissions typically require large quantities of SDI cabling, the Networked Media Interface will leverage IP technologies to enable 4K transmission via a single Ethernet cable. 30 manufacturers as of today have joined this initiative.

Moving forward, Sony will expand the range of software and hardware supporting this new interface, while working with supporting manufacturers to make these technologies widely available.

Solutions for Documentary Movie Production

Sony’s efficient 4K production workflows deliver high-quality content from shooting to editing to replay. Different shooting styles are supported by a variety of large-format cameras: the top-of-the-line F65, the versatile PMW-F55 and PMW-F5, and the easy-to-handle PXW-FS7.

The PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 cinema cameras, first released in 2013, continue to evolve—with firmware upgrades that extend their functionality and new accessories that enable one-person operation. These improvements open up many new possibilities for shooting with large 4K sensors. Over 5,500 units have been sold worldwide in the two years since these models launched.

Sony’s compact and portable PMW-PZ1 4K memory player is equipped with four 3G-SDI outputs and one HDMI output, enabling stable connection to a wide variety of 4K display devices. It can be easily used on location as a confidence monitor, playing back HD and 4K content immediately; and at events and other venues to replay 4K video in 50/60p.

Sony’s XAVC format—offering efficient compression of 4K/HD high-resolution video—is now fully supported by 73 companies, and is fast becoming an industry standard. Sony will continue to improve XAVC workflows and to expand its lineup of supporting products.

High Dynamic Range

High dynamic range opens the way to a level of creative expression through video never before possible, delivering higher contrast, and higher brightness.

The high-dynamic-range content shot by the F65 and PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras can now be viewed to full advantage on the BVM-X300 4K OLED TRIMASTER EL master monitor, featuring Sony’s proprietary high-contrast high-peak-brightness organic EL panel. Blazing fires, stars in the night sky, sunlight dancing on water — high dynamic range will deliver excitement to viewers and stimulate the creative process.

Bringing high-dynamic-range content into the home is another important goal. Sony is planning to launch a household TV with high dynamic range capabilities within 2015.

Sony remains dedicated to developing innovations that will lead to new levels of video quality and viewer experience.

Sony’s award winning professional HD OLED monitors’ have accumulated sales of more than 40,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2011.

News Production Solutions

Sony is promoting wireless news production workflows by developing wireless adapters and camcorders with built-in wireless capabilities. At NAB, Sony will demonstrate direct transmission of image and audio from a camcorder via 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks, and will present solutions for reliable live streaming based on unique QoS technology.

Because they do not require the elaborate equipment used for satellite-based live broadcasts, wireless solutions offer low-cost live streaming and open up a greater freedom for production.

Sony’s soon-to-be released PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station will be launched in June. A firmware upgrade of the CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 wireless adapters, also scheduled for June, will allow these units to work in concert with the PWS-100RX1 to support live streaming. The PXW-X180¹, PXW-X200², and PXW-X500¹ camcorders, all with built-in wireless capabilities, will also be upgraded to enable live streaming.

¹Upgrade scheduled for Autumn 2015 ²Upgrade scheduled for June 2015

Sony has been actively developing efficient file-based workflows since the launch of the XDCAM series in 2003. The series is now widely used by broadcasters and video producers throughout the world, with more than 400,000 units shipped to date.
Archiving Solutions

Sony offers a wide range of video archiving solutions—from standalone solutions to large-scale enterprise systems. These solutions are based on storage to optical discs, known for their reliability and stable technology. Sony’s PWS-100TD1 Tape Digitize Station, capable of efficiently digitizing voluminous tape-based assets, is receiving a version upgrade that adds support for XML format transmission of metadata in order to enhance connectivity with systems outside.

At NAB, Sony will demonstrate the digitizing of HDCAM SR files into SStP files at 2× speed when saving into the archive.

Beyond 4K Solutions

Visitors to the Sony booth will see two SRX-T615 4K SXRD projectors used, with edge blending, to project a Foo Fighters concert—shot with F65, PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras and PXW-Z100—onto an 8K×2K screen.

Sony’s PWS-300SR1 Super-Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor can demosaic sequential images from an F65RAW into resolutions up to 8K×4K, and output these images in arbitrary aspect ratios. This product is intended for use at entertainment venues such as concerts, events, theme parks, and museums—where high-level video experiences are desired.
New Products

PXW-X320 XDCAM Shoulder Camcorder

The successor to the acclaimed PMW-320, the new PXW-X320 all-in-one camcorder offers enhanced functionality at a very attractive price, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of settings. With a 1/2″-type 3-chip CMOS sensor, it supports MPEG2 HD422 and XAVC HD Intra/Long GOP formats as well as all legacy codecs; offering a smooth transition from SD to HD. The camcorder’s LSI circuitry delivers low-noise (60-dB S/N) high-resolution images. The unit supports wireless workflows when used together with a separately sold wireless adapter.

Catalyst Edit: Non-linear Editing Software

The new Catalyst Edit™ supports multiple formats, including 4K, RAW, and XAVC. Videomakers can use the already available Catalyst Prepare clip management software to carry out easy editing and color adjustment, and can then drag-and-drop the results into Catalyst Edit for more serious editing. This non-linear editing solution delivers intuitive easy-to-use operation and quick video production on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Catalyst Edit™ is provided within Catalyst Production Suite, media preparation and non-linear editing software package combined with Catalyst Prepare™.

Feature Enhancement of the PWS-4400 Multi-Port AV Storage Unit and its system with Recording Control Software

PWS-RCT1, a recording control software, has been added to the PWS-4400 XAVC-compliant 4K-HD live production server system, enabling easy-to-operate for various recording such as live and studio production. The application’s GUI delivers straightforward operation of the basic control functions (Rec, Stop, Play, FWD, REW, and more) available on each port. The GUI also makes it easy to check signal and recording status, to manage recorded content, and to transfer content to external media.³

A recording control application can be installed into conventional PC⁴ to operate PWS-4400.

In addition, software version 1.4 of the PWS-4400 system adds various enhancements such as the capability to record HD at both 8× and 3× speeds, allowing for smooth slow-motion replays of HD video recorded with HDC-4300 4K/HD camera systems. PWA-MGW1B, optional software enables video file transcoding both from and to XAVC and MPEG2 MXF file format when file archiving/retrieving process is performed.

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