JAMF Software release v9.7 of Casper Suite

IT admins the world over will be very happy to hear that JAMF Software have released a huge new update to Casper Suite. Version 9.7 will, JAMF Software assure us, help you deploy apps and OS X images far more easily than ever before, with new capabilities for securing Apple devices in both business and education environments alike.

What’s new then?

This new release includes a bunch of enhancements to Casper Suite, JAMF plug-ins and Self Service too. Among the many new features, JAMF Software have picked out a few highlights which allow you to:

– Streamline VPP assignment and distribution workflows for App Store apps to targeted users and groups.

– Create a single DMG that includes multiple partitions – eliminating the need for creating a separate DMG of the recovery HD partition.

– Support new OS X and iOS configuration profiles and security management features, including the ability to send a command to clear activation lock in mass.

There are also a number of bug fixes and enhancements which tackle a few tiny niggles some users had identified, including in Casper Focus, Casper Admin, Casper Imaging, jamf binary, JAMF Distribution Server, JAMF Software Server, Recon and Self Service Mobile.

How do I get it?

To ensure the upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, you’re probably best to check out JAMF Software’s own best practices, tips and considerations on upgrading your JAMF Software Server (JSS) explained in their Knowledge Base articles.

What is JAMF Software Casper Suite?

If you’ve never heard of JAMF Software before, Casper Suite is all about making the life of system administrators easier by improving the management and deployment of Apple Mac and iOS devices.

You get tools for: inventory, imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote control, settings and security management, licence management, usage management and more – all in one unified solution. With JAMF Software’s Casper Suite, you can deploy, update, activate and report on OS X and iOS devices, while reducing the cost of ownership and minimising liability.

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