G-Technology ship new drives ahead of NAB

G-Technology have started shipping their new, rugged, drop-proof, dust-proof, water-resitant and, we assume, flame retardant drives ahead of NAB, plas unpopulated G-DOCK units. 

We’ve already seen the G-DRIVE ev ATC units at BVE and IBC (they were accompanied by a tooth-crunching mix of delicious chocolate rocks and painfully real ones, which has really made them stick in our – and our dentist’s – minds). The new G-DRIVE ev Thunderbolt drives are something of a feat of engineering, being as they are shock, drop, pressure, dust and water resistant. Nothing in the official paperwork suggests you could throw them down a volcano and they’d live to tell the tale, but we reckon they stand a far better chance than most other drives on the market.

Pick up a 1TB G_Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC unit.

If your line of work is slightly less perilous but you’re still a bit of a dropper, you might be interested in their shock and drop proof G-DRIVE ev RaW, a USB 3.0 drive that comes in 1TB or 500GB sizes and can safely be dropped from a height of 1.5 metres. It comes with its own USB cable and three year warranty, so you can start falling over as soon as it arrives. And if you’re too impatient to wait, you can even order it now and collect from our Soho digs the same day.

All these products house the G-DRIVE ev RaW hard drives, which can be removed from their protective cases and docked in the G-DOCK. The G-DOCK is now shipping unpopulated too, so you can choose exactly the number and type of drives you’d like. And the new ev RaW and ATC cases mean you only have to purchase the cases once and then use them on whatever drive you have in the field, rather than paying extra for a rugged case every time.

If you need a bit of shared storage, there’s also a new addition to the G-RAID Removable range, which will give you USB 3.0 connectivity, plus legacy eSATA and FireWire800 connections. Or you can pre-order a G-RAID Removable with dual Thunderbolt 2 ports, if that’s more your speed.

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