Avid users, your upgrade ability is extended!

Remember way back last year when we were banging on about it being the last chance to upgrade your Avid Media Composer and get on a Support Contract? Well, turns out Avid have now extended the deadline, so any users who have Avid software (Media Composer, Symphony and Newscutter) now have another chance to upgrade, if they haven’t already. But only for a limited time!

Good news all round, as going forward getting a Support Contract is the only way to gain access to new releases without purchasing an entirely new licence. An Avid Support plan gives you access to any and all updates Avid release for free, plus basic tech support. If you stop paying for Avid Support the licence will still function, but if you want to access any new features you will have to pay for a new licence.

What do I need to do?

Anyone who missed out on the ability to upgrade their seats when the last deadline hit now has another chance. Until the end of the month – 31st March – we’re offering the Avid Annual Upgrade & Support Plan for Media Composer Software for just £320 ex VAT. You do still miss out on the original low price of £190 ex VAT, unfortunately, but that’s small beer when you consider the significant saving you’ll make on not having to fork out for a new seat. From the 1st April until 15th May customers will still be able to purchase, however the cost will be going up to $699 (the GBP price will be confirmed by Avid come 1st April).

The official word from Avid: “All Upgrade & Support plan purchases must be made prior to the stated deadlines. Upgrade & Support plans will be available via both Activation Codes and ‘traditional’ support contracts. All Activation Codes must be redeemed prior to 31st May 2015.”

Do I already have Avid Support?

If you’ve already purchased Avid Support, you can sit back and relax. If you have a current Expert Plus or Elite support contract with Avid, then your Media Composer licences will automatically be enrolled in Avid Support. There’s more info in this guide here, but if you’re unsure about whether you need to get Avid Support, please do get in touch with us ASAP. There’s not long left.

Avid Support on Jigsaw24

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