NAMM 2015 news: TC Electronic LC2n and LC6n help stay loudness-compliant

Everyone working in broadcast knows that it’s essential to stay within loudness limits, or you’ll have your work thrown back at you. But monitoring loudness is time consuming, especially in an industry where deadlines for delivery are already extremely tight. But with the release of the LCn correction tools at NAMM 2015, TC Electronic may have made this problem go away forever…

In a nutshell, the LCn Loudness Correction Tools application does all the processing and conforming for you, being the scenes. You tell it how your media is to be delivered and what the final loudness level needs to be. You then set up a ‘watch folder’ and a ‘delivery folder’. You bounce your final mix to the watch folder, and LCn will automatically process it in the background, with the conformed file appearing in the delivery folder when it’s finished. It is quite simply the easiest way to get the job done – and let’s face it, it’s a job that no-one really wants to spend time doing!

TC Electronic LC6n

Within the LCn application you have controls for boost, gain reduction and a mastering grade brick wall limiter to make sure you still get the maximum punch. You get a detailed Radar meter to show you how loudness and peak levels change over time and a ‘traffic light’ system to show you whether your material is safe, borderline or needs further work (in case a file can’t be made broadcast-safe within the processing parameters you have set)

There are 2 version of LCn: LC2n for stereo use and LC6n for multi-channel. For the amount of time and headache this saves, at £189 inc VAT for the stereo version and £445 for the surround version, TC Electronic LCn is a complete no-brainer!

TC Electronic LCn on Jigsaw24

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