NAMM 2015 news: Avid announce Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools First

Avid have unveiled two new products at NAMM 2015 – Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools First.

Pro Tools 12 is the final part of the transition from the old model of buy-a-new-version-of-the-software-every-18-months to a rolling contract model, where a yearly subscription entitles you to every update as it becomes available. Although greeted with some scepticism at first, this method is actually cheaper than buying every upgrade, increases the level of technical support you can receive and, importantly, means that you don’t get left behind.

Pro Tools 12 doesn’t introduce anything new from the outset, but establishes the platform for the forthcoming collaboration tools and Avid Marketplace, which will let users sell their work and collaborate online with other users of either Pro Tools or Media Composer – tools which are due to arrive shortly.

Customers currently on Pro Tools 11(HD or standard) with a support plan will get v12 rolled out as soon as it becomes available. If you’re an on an earlier version, you can upgrade now for a reduced price and get support included. Here are your useful shop links:

Upgrade from previous versions (standard) for £130 ex VAT.
Upgrade from previous versions (HD) for £380 ex VAT.
Crossgrade to Pro Tools from Pro Tools LE for £69 ex VAT.

Users of Pro Tools 11 who don’t currently have a support plan can purchase one on its own here. There will be no upgrade to Pro Tools 12 for users not currently enrolled in a support plan.

Also announced is Pro Tools First – a free, 16 track version of Pro Tools, which will provide an easy inroad into pro-level audio recording and editing. Pro Tools First offers 16 mono/stereo tracks at up to 96kHz, 16 MIDI tracks and 16 Instrument Tracks, but no Elastic Audio, Beat Detective or Video Support.

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