JVC GY-LS300: perfect for corporate videography

JVC have announced three new cameras will be with us in March 2015. And while we love DSLRs as much as the next person, we think the GY-LS300 is probably the ultimate late Christmas present for your company videographer. Why? Well…

It’s fantastic value for money

First off, this is a Super 35mm 4K camera for under £3K ex VAT, which is extremely good value. And the fact that it supports a wide range of interchangeable lenses means that you can probably save again by reusing your existing still camera lenses to shoot video. Then of course there’s the fact that it shoots 4K Ultra HD, full HD with 4:2:2 sampling, SD and web-friendly proxy files, so you’re not going to need to replace or add to it for some time, meaning you’ll get great ROI.

You’ll use 4K more than you think

If a 4K-capable camera sounds a bit much for your business at the moment, bear in mind that if you use digital signage around your premises, ever want to take over a video wall at an event or have a large format display in your boardroom, shooting in 4K will give you the crispest possible images – far cleaner and more professional than scaling up a smaller image.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the GY-LS300 supports dual format recording, so you can record a 4K or HD version of your footage on one memory card, and a low-res web-optimised version on another. That way, a single shoot covers you for all eventualities, and however customers are receiving your content (in an email or on that video wall), they’ll see the best quality image they can.

It supports live streaming

One of the GY-LS300’s neatest tricks is that it allows you to stream a live HD feed to a site like USTREAM while simultaneously recording it to an SDHC card, so you can broadcast and record events in one fell swoop. It can do this because it has WiFi built in – which means you can also control the camera remotely from an iPad or similar, remotely view what the camera is shooting if you can’t stand behind it, add metadata to clips as you shoot, and even use the GY-LS300’s FTP capabilities to send clips back to head office (great if you’ve got a team on the ground at an expo and your marketing bods need their footage asap).

It supports professional audio

One area where we feel a lot of cameras aimed at the corporate market fall down is onboard audio. JVC have gone some way towards restoring our faith in affordable camera manufacture by furnishing the GY-LS300 with professional quality audio in the shape of two-channel XLR audio inputs, and they’ve thrown in a free phantom power shotgun mic (ie one that’s powered by your camera’s battery, so you don’t need a second set of cables and chargers and batteries and general on-location stress). We approve of this policy wholeheartedly.

If you’re a hardcore specs sort of person, you can find out more about the GY-LS300 and JVC’s other new releases here. If you’re more easily swayed, you can find the LS300 here in our webstore.

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