Tablet computers now in almost 70% of schools

We’ve been working with thousands of schools to implement iPad deployments since iPad first came out, but even we were amazed at the stat that almost 70% of primary and secondary schools now use tablet computers, of some form, according to new research.

Education technology charity Tablets for Schools, who carried out the study under Barbie Clarke of the Family, Kids and Youth research group, looked at a representative sample of 671 state and independent schools. They found that tablets are now being used, at least to some extent, in 68% of primary and 69% of secondary schools. The study also highlighted some other key points of interest pertaining to tablets in education, including:

– In 9% of schools, there was an individual tablet device for every pupil, suggesting a rise in intensive 1:1 schemes.

– Among those schools not using them at present, 45% reported that they would soon be likely to introduce them.

– Between 2014 and 2016, the number of tablet computers in schools is expected to rise from about 430,000 to almost 900,000.

– The highest use of tablet computers was within academy schools.

You can find out more about the findings of the study in BBC News’s report here.

Signs of academic improvement?

While the study had a wide sample size and no clear evidence of actual academic improvement, we have seen from working with schools at a localised level that iPad is definitely having a marked improvement on teaching and learning. One of our customers, for example, Conyers School, recently conducted their own student survey to gauge the impact of their 1:1 iPad deployment, and the results were impressive:

– 81% Students claim iPads help them learn independently.

– 89% Students claim they make lessons engaging and interesting.

– 78% Students claim learning is more accessible, suiting their individual learning style.

– 77% agree that iPad helps work with other students in a creative way.

– 66% agree iPad helps support studies and help improve grades.

– 62% agree iPad allows faster feedback from teachers.

If you’d like to find out more about how iPad can benefit your teaching and learning, take a look at some of the schools who have been taking part in our e7 project. Made up of a free iPad trial, extensive CPD training and a full 1:1 deployment, it’s a great way to get iPad into your school whatever your needs or experience levels.

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