Apple release Yosemite V10.10.1

To all the eagerly awaiting Apple fans – you can now download the first update to OS X Yosemite – V10.10.1. The new update sees improvements in the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac. Here’s what’s new…

While we’ve found ourselves  caught in a daze of thinking up our Christmas wish lists recently, Apple have been busy fine-tuning and improving the reliability of WiFi in OS X Yosemite, and the reliability when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server. They’ve also resolved the issue that prevented Mail from sending messages through certain email service providers.

That’s not all. They’ve addressed the issue that prevented connecting to remote computers using Back to My Mac and the issue that stopped sharing services, Notification Centre widgets and Actions not being available. The issue which caused Notification Centre settings to not be retained after a restart has been addressed, as well as the issue that prevented the Mac App Store from displaying certain updates.

For those of you who encountered the issue that prevented your Mac mini from waking from sleep – good news! Apple has addressed this problem. They’ve also resolved the glitch which prevented Time Machine from displaying older backups and they’ve looked into the issue that could have prevented you from being able to enter your text in Japanese.

A final note

Apple also notes that the maintenance update to OS X Yosemite includes improvements for enterprise users:

– Allows you to append search domains for partially qualified domain names when performing DNS lookups.

– Addresses an issue where the Mac Store might offer an update to Apple Remote Desktop when the latest version is already installed.

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