Avid Media Composer Nitris DX now supported on Mac Pro

Got a Mac Pro? Rocking a Nitris DX? Good news for you, as Avid announce that the Avid Media Composer Nitris DX interface is now supported with Mac Pro via Thunderbolt 2. And all you have to do is download the most recent software update for Media Composer.

Because the Mac Pro has replaced all PCIe connections with Thunderbolt, and the Media Composer Nitris DX requires a PCIe connection, users weren’t previously able to take advantage of these newer systems. But now, users can essentially “upgrade” their purchase from the Media Composer Mojo DX to the Media Composer Nitris DX, and existing Nitris DX users can upgrade their CPUs to the newest Mac Pro without having to make a new hardware I/O purchase, which means smiles all round.

How to do it

Here’s the official word from Avid: “The feature (located in the Video Output Settings) disables the codec boards within the Nitris DX. Disabling the boards is not required in order to connect the Nitris DX via Thunderbolt 2, however some features will not function without the codec boards disabled.

“If you do not see this feature (Disable Hardware Codecs) in your Video Output Settings, make sure you are on the latest release of Media Composer Software, and that your Nitris DX is successfully connected to the machine.”

They do just mention a couple of important caveats you should bear in mind:

“Due to hardware limitations, some features of the Media Composer Nitris DX are not supported when connected to the Mac Pro using a Thunderbolt 2 connection. Other features require the hardware codec boards on the Nitris DX to be disabled in order to function.

“The table below illustrates what features are not supported, and what features require the hardware codec boards to be disabled, when connected to a Mac Pro via Thunderbolt 2.”

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