Ladies and gentlemen, the Canon C100 MkII

Regular readers will have noticed that we like to be attached to a Canon C100 for about 30% of each working day (ideally one that is, in turn, connected to an Atomos Ninja), so you won’t be surprised that we’re ridiculously excited about the new Canon C100 MkII. 

First things first: this is a camera that wants to get the best possible image, not the biggest possible image. While Canon have 4K offerings, the C100 is designed for people who don’t – or at least don’t yet – want to shoot and deliver 4K. And for them, it’s probably the best option at its price point.

The specs

The big news here is that the MkII adds 1080p at up to 60fps, has 12 stops of dynamic range and uses a DIGIC 4 processor, so you’ll get the same signal processing as you do in the C500. DAF is also being included as standard, and the C100 MkII doubles down on this by adding face recognition autofocus, so shots will always have the subject in focus even if you’re handing the camera off to, say, a group of students who haven’t used a pro camera before. There’s even a fancy OLED monitor onboard now, so you can see your perfectly focused shots in all their glory.

It has GPS built in, though we’re unlikely to use that, and can be controlled remotely over WiFi (more useful), which we think it might not even need a dongle for (most useful).


There have been a series of small but noticeable ergonomic improvements from the original C100. The viewfinder can now be moved through 270 degrees (it’s also had some kind of technical upgrade that is still shrouded in mystery). The eye cup is far more ergonomic now, and it and the viewfinder can actually be moved independently so that you don’t have to strain anything in order to shoot unusual angles.


We’re expecting stock of the C100 MkII around the first week of January 2015. There’ll be three versions available: a body only option, one with a 18 – 55mm EFS lens and another with a 24 – 105 L-series lens.

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