Tascam release DR-70D four channel professional audio recorder

Shooting on a DSLR or Blackmagic Cinema Camera? You’re in for a treat. Tascam have announced a new four channel audio mixer, the DR-70D, and it’s just for you. 

The DR-70D is Tascam’s new flagship model, sitting above the much-loved DR-60D. It offers full four track audio recording with four discrete mic preamps (each with phantom power), onboard mix down facilities and pass-through to camera, headphone monitoring, slate recording and dual level recording to ensure you always have a ‘safe’ version.

The DR-70D’s 4 track recording means that you can shoot on DSLR and record boom mics, lavaliers and other sources simultaneously, all in perfect sync with the picture and at a professional quality. As well as a recorder, the Tascam DR-70D can also function as a mixer, with a dedicated output back to the audio inputs of the camera. The recorder utilises high-grade HDDA preamps and converters, and a durable but lightweight structure and shape. This device will fit snuggly under any camera or into any rig, and record up to 96kHz/24-bit high quality audio straight to SD/SDHC media.

Filmmakers have at their disposal four 1/4″-XLR Locking Combo MIC/LINE inputs, 3.5mm stereo MIC input, camera in, camera out, line out and headphone out. All 4 1/4″-XLR combo inputs supply +48V phantom power and the 3.5mm input supplies plug-in power for microphones requiring a bias voltage. Most importantly, DSLR film-makers can now accurately monitor their audio levels via the headphone connector to make sure no clipping has occurred, a common problem for those using XLR converters but recording directly to the camera. There are also two built-in electret condenser mics on the rear of the unit.

The DR-70D incredibly easy to use, employing Tascam’s very popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed specifically to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include four channel record, auto record and Tascam’s dual record “Safety Track” mode, making the DR-70D one of the most versatile recorders on the market.

The DR-60D features a tripod screw fixings at the base and on the top, allowing it to be placed between a camera and the tripod.

Other key features of the DR-70D include independent level adjustment for all mic inputs, a dual recording function which allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels, a two second pre-record buffer and connections for optional remote control. It operates on 4x AA batteries and has a micro USB socket for quick file transfer.

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