Test drive the latest Canon kit in your classroom

Canon’s test drive initiative is back, back, back, giving you another chance to try out the latest cameras, lenses and projectors in your classroom.

Canon C100 on Jigsaw24

Originally launched in 2012, the test drive scheme is a semi-regular Canon offer that lets the heads of media, video and photography departments sign up for a free trial of their latest kit. You can select the cameras, lenses and projector you’d like to try (or any combination thereof) and then Canon will hand it over to you for a week, so you can see how it survives lessons and fits in with your existing system.

If you’re trying to convince purchasing to let you invest in new kit, this is a great opportunity to prove it’ll add real value to students, and if you’re struggling to decide between cameras it’s an equally useful chance to see how they fare in real life classroom situations, so we’re encouraging everyone to get on board!

Register for a Canon test drive here.

Frequently asked questions

Who’s eligible?

The test drive applicant needs to be the head of your media, video or photography course or department, but how the technology is used in your school is completely up to you.

When’s the deadline?

You have to get your name on the list by 31st January 2015.

How is kit assigned?

Kit is assigned on a first come, first served basis, so we’d recommend signing up sharpish!

Which Canon products can I trial? 

Loads of ’em. You can view the full list by clicking ‘register now’ on Canon’s registration page, but highlights include DSLRs like the 5D Mk III and 70D, a selection of pro camcorders including the C100 and C300, EF and Cinema Prime lenses (in the name of all that’s holy, don’t get our media team started on these unless you have at least three hours spare. They’re great people, but they do go on). You can also trial projectors from the WUX and SX lineups.

Watch Staffordshire University’s glowing review of their Canon kit here.

Where do I sign up again? 


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